Solo Smarts #103: Can You Grow Without Travel?

A long time listener write me recently to express some frustration.  ‘You’re always pushing some live event!’  Eeks! She went on to share how travel is not possible for her, at least not for the time being.  Her email ended with a question.  ‘Do I stand a chance at growing a business without live events?’ […]


Can You Really SEO Anything These Days?

I don’t like talking about Search Engine Optimization with my clients these days.  Much of what I understood about SEO has changed and rumors about what does or doesn’t work come and go fast.  I’m not qualified to provide advice and most of the time, SEO feels pointless. Isn’t this exactly what Google wants?  For us to feel […]


Coaching, Accountability & Getting Things Done

I’ve been involved in one on one business coaching since 2005 and I’ve learned some tough lessons. That old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” has never been so true than in coaching relationships. You Can Create A Plan But You Can’t Make Them Follow It. Cleaning […]


What I Wish For In A Guest Blogger

Here on the Solo Smarts blog I’m looking to publish content that specifically serves the solopreneur business owner.  I love how popular guest blogging is these days and of course I want to attract fabulous guest bloggers here, so here’s what I wish for: Posts from fellow Solopreneurs. Do are run a business on your […]


Don’t Psych Yourself Out Of Affiliate Marketing

When I was new to Affiliate Marketing, I totally psyched myself out of it. I signed up for a few affiliate programs, I don’t remember which, and I tried to promote them here and there and not surprisingly, I didn’t do well. (Meaning I didn’t make any sales.)  I chalked it up to the idea […]


Get My Underline Doodles!

All of my Image Monthly Subscribers are getting these (and more) cute attention getting Underline Doodles as their extra special bonus with the September Issue. What? You’re not subscribed?  Well, let’s take care of that right now :) Sign Up Here


Curation Challenge Afterglow (All Invited!)

I’m hosting an evening ‘Afterglow’ event for my August Curation Challenge Alumni. The date is Wednesday, September 3rd and the time is 8pm Eastern. All are invited to join us to hear about how 21 days of curation helped my Challengers build traffic, make friends and achieve awesome results. I’ve set up a Facebook Event […]

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Samantha Angel

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Samantha Angel, of Advancing Steps Located in: East Wenatchee, WA, US Personal Bio: Samantha is a married mom of three. Living the solopreneurial life is sitting very well with Samantha and she loves the flexibility of working for herself. She enjoys feeding her creativity and her hobbies include photography, graphic design, […]


Tishia Lee

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Tishia Lee, of Tishia Saves Time Located in: Haslett, Michigan, US Personal Bio: Tishia Lee is a single mom to one who got fed up with him being raised in a daycare center. She was tired of dead-end, low-paying, crappy hours jobs and knew something had to give. Thanks to a friend, […]


Shannon Smith

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Shannon Smith, of Appetite for Design Located in: Valdosta, GA, US Personal Bio: A child of God and a single work at home mom of one recently turned teenage boy, Shannon has been a Graphic Designer for many moons and considers it her passion and hobby as well as her career. […]