Solo Smarts #113: Nicole Dean Doesn’t Want Life To Just Happen To You

Life shouldn’t just happen to us, but it will if we’re not intentional about it. Nicole Dean is here this week to share how she woke up to the realization that her life was spending too much time in auto-pilot – and not taking her at all in the direction she wanted.  Her willingness to […]

Toronto Content Marketing Conference

Exposure & Profit 2 is Coming: May 1-3rd in Toronto

Exposure & Profit 1 was a great success with lots of wonderful feedback.  My guests and speakers all asked me to promise there would be another, and voila: It’s happening! I’m thrilled to announce my Keynote Speakers are Stu McLaren, Bob Jenkins and Therese Sparby.  So far I have Paul Taubman, Faydra Koenig, Ronnie Nijmeh, […]


Get Ready To Hustle

The April Stretch Yourself Challenge is coming up and I personally can’t wait to get my hustle on!  Will you join me?  (Yes!)


New Graphic Design Tool: YouZign

I get a little pitter pat in my heart whenever someone releases a new tool for graphic design. Will this be the one?  Will I finally find the tool that does everything I need in once place? The answer is usually no – and with YouZign, the answer is still no –  but, I have […]


Do You Know What Your People Think?

We seek a lot of information in our business, from learning new tactics we hope will help us grow, to tackling the tech we’ve been told will make it all easier.  There are days when I feel like I’ll scream if I have to learn one more thing… thankfully, I spend more time Doing, than […]


My Word for 2015: Awake

2014 is all but over as I type up this blog post. I would like to say that I squeezed every good drop out of the last 365 days but I know it’s not true. Did I live more than ever before? Yes. Did I travel more? Yes. Did I earn more? Yes. Did I […]


Best of the Solo Smarts Blog: 2014

Looking back over the year, I thought it’d be fun to run through and choose my own favorite posts. I came up with a list of 10: This guest post from Paul Taubman: “Which WordPress Role Is Right For The Situation?” This post on how I collect handwritten testimonials at a live event   This […]


Two Ideal Clients

At some point over the Christmas holiday, have you found yourself explaining what you do to a friend or family member? It’s not easy, is it? I was trying to share how I work with other solopreneurs and in my effort to highlight and contrast the difference between coaching someone through my membership and taking […]


Do You Know Your Sweet Spot?

I’m curious.  Do you feel like you’ve found your Sweet Spot in business? In working with my coaching clients and chatting with contemporaries, I’ve found it’s not a single Sweet Spot that brings on deep satisfaction, rather it’s found in a convergence of three important areas. Three Questions: Sweet People: Are you serving a community you […]


Free 2015 Blogging Calendar

Lynette Chandler continues to release a totally free Blogging Calendar and this year I think it’s even more useful! The PDF is set up so that you can click on fields and enter your own text – so you can update your calender as needed and print out only the pages you’d like to see […]

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Barbara Caine

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Barbara Caine, of Indiana Team Virtual Located in: Hobart, IN, US Personal Bio: Barbara is passionate about empowering women to continuously strive to reach the [next level] of success in business.  She offers priceless strategy sessions where women learn to find their vision and their purpose.  Barbara also teaches women how to master the […]

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Samantha Angel

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Samantha Angel, of Advancing Steps Located in: East Wenatchee, WA, US Personal Bio: Samantha is a married mom of three. Living the solopreneurial life is sitting very well with Samantha and she loves the flexibility of working for herself. She enjoys feeding her creativity and her hobbies include photography, graphic design, […]


Tishia Lee

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Tishia Lee, of Tishia Saves Time Located in: Haslett, Michigan, US Personal Bio: Tishia Lee is a single mom to one who got fed up with him being raised in a daycare center. She was tired of dead-end, low-paying, crappy hours jobs and knew something had to give. Thanks to a friend, […]