Solo Smarts #101: Dan Morris Goes For Maximum Presence

Dan Morris of Blogging Concentrated makes a repeat appearance on Solo Smarts this week and I know you’re going to enjoy our discussion. Since he’s been traveling and rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful bloggers, I asked him if he’s noticed something they all share in common.  Listen to to hear his reply. […]

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Are You Minding Your Marketing Gaps?

Guest Contribution By Bob The Teacher It’s easy as an entrepreneur to focus your attention on the cutting edge of new technologies, marketing strategies, and the latest tools. I know that doing so keeps me on my toes and I love to share new things with others. But in that focus there’s a danger of […]


My Home Office Gadget Charging Center

This isn’t anything fancy and making it happen was as simple as applying some Gorilla Glue to a small wooden bin, but I’m pleased with the results. I like open space on my desk, so the mess of wires and gadgets that were often taking up real state while they charged up were getting on […]


How To Run A Business Fire Sale

A few years ago, Tracy and Susanne were both planning to attend an online business conference in Atlanta. They both saved up for the trip, but sadly Tracy’s travel budget got eaten up by some unexpected car expenses. She was ready to cancel her plans to attend, when Susanne suggested she try and raise an […]

Kids Launch A Membership Site

You will be suitable impressed when I tell you that this sales page was written and designed by KIDS. Yep, the new STEM Kits for Kids is a membership created by homeschooling kids – with a very light assist from their mom. (STEM = Science,Technology, Engineering & Math) I’ve been blessed to coach these girls as […]

CBC: Have I Let A Client Down?

I’m continuing my Cross Blog Conversation with JuJu of The Teen Blogger. You can read her reply to my last question here. Hey Juju, it’s supposed to be ONE question per post.  You snuck in three this time! JuJu’s First Question: Do you ever have a moment of laziness or ever let a client/customer down? If […]


October 2014 In Person Mastermind Weekend: Why I Want YOU There

(I’m bringing this post back up – I wrote originally for the first Beachpreneurs Retreat.) It’s a weekend beach retreat that will drive you towards breakthrough in your online business.  This is the sort of experience you’ll look back on and tell others, ‘That was the turning point for me!  That’s when I started to think […]

Girl with electronic tablet inspiration idea on business doodles

Save The Big Bucks & Pick Up My Blogging & Podcasting Retirement Bundle

I’m feeling the winds of change around here and after some brainstorming and planning sessions, I realize I’m ready to retire some long popular products. Smart Blogging Skills, Smart Podcasting Skills and Know Your Blog Stats are on the digital chopping block - even though they’re all quite amazing. Inside Smart Blogging Skills: Lesson One: Is […]

Samantha Pointer-Foxx

Samantha Pointer-Foxx

  Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Samantha Pointer-Foxx, of Get IT Together! Located in: Nashville, TN, US Personal Bio: Samantha Pointer-Foxx is a professional organizer and tech coach who has been in the organizing business for 16+ years. She is a wife and mother of 2 daughters. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, history and food. Business […]


Diana Walker

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Diana Walker, of Diana Walker’s Healthy Lifestyles Located in: Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada Personal Bio: Diana Walker has been actively involved in the Health and Wellness field for over 30 years. While in Hawaii, I led yoga and exercise classes on the beach, and worked for and studied under, Dr. […]


Angela Wills

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Angela Wills, of Marketer’s Mojo Located in: Whitby, Ontario, Canada Personal Bio: Angela is a mom of two who started her first business back in 2001 to be home with her son. She absolutely loves the freedom of owning her own business and is totally unemployable! Angela’s talent and joy is […]

Natalie Explains A Writing Date

Natalie Collins asked on Facebook today what we'd love to see her write about whilst she was out on a Writing Date. Obviously I suggested 'How to … [Read More...]

New Food PLR Source: Foodaplenty

There's a brand new Food PLR site from Alice Seba and Lynette Chandler.  It's called Foodaplenty and they have some amazing food pics available in … [Read More...]

What Will You Dare Today?

Learn from someone who actually spends time in the arena! For more on sweating, striving and failing - watch this Ted Talk video.   … [Read More...]

Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources

In his newest book Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources Today's Top Entrepreneurs Use To Increase Productivity and Achieve Their Goals, Nick Loper had … [Read More...]

Tips For Creating Great Blog Content

Rebekah Radice shares seven steps to crafting your best blog content.  One of her tips: "Steer clear of anything that reeks of a stock photo or … [Read More...]