Solo Smarts #106: We Will Overcome Your Intimidation

Faydra Koenig is America’s Crisis Coach and a proud Beachpreneur Alumni. (March 2014) Together we are leading a small group of seriously determined solopreneurs to leave their excuses behind and take their businesses to the higher level they’re oh so capable of achieving. In this episode of Solo Smarts we chatting about why we had […]


Kicking Off The Stretch Yourself Challenge

I’m doing something really fun with the Challenge. I’m turning the whole thing into a book that I’ll be publishing in time for Christmas. The book is ‘finished’ (and it serves at the basis for the entire Challenge) but I’m treating it as a BETA presentation for the Challenge. I’m asking my Challenger group to help me finish […]

Step by Step Instructions for the DIY Solopreneur

Running an online business can sometimes seem overwhelming. You just wish you could have a step by step guide to walk you through the process of getting started and moving forward. This might be your answer if you’re on a tight budget and need to learn to do things for yourself. Angela Wills over at […]

Upcoming VIP Days (Live in Person) Are Available

In person VIP Coaching Days are available on these dates in these areas.  If you’re interested in spending a full day brainstorming, plotting & planning – get in touch with me about the dates that bring me nearest to you :) Saturday, October 11th – Minneapolis, MN Area Wednesday, October 15th – Atlanta, GA Area […]


Trying New Products Just Got Easier

Have you ever wanted to try a couple new products without breaking the bank?  There are many new products hitting the market every day and it is sometimes difficult to know which product is right for you and your business. Now you have the opportunity to have several products for one low price with the […]


Are You In A Crisis Of Confidence?

Way too many people I love, value and respect are expressing a common issue right now… they’re freaking fantastic but they’re not shouting it from the highest rooftop and frankly, it has me feeling as mad as a hornet! They could be solving problems, meeting needs, changing lives… but they’re caught up in a crisis of […]


Solopreneurs Are Smarter: We Go Bigger When We Want To

This is the final video in my Solopreneurs Are Smarter series. Solopreneurs get to choose when it’s time to go to the next level. Is it time for you and your business to move to the next level? Check out the video to find out what questions to ask yourself in order to evaluate whether it’s […]


Solopreneurs Are Smarter: We Love Variety In Business

This is the tenth video in my Solopreneurs Are Smarter series. The great thing about solopreneurs is that they don’t run dull businesses. However, with that being said, if any area ever does become dull find out how to change it because variety is the spice of life and smart solopreneurs love variety! Are you a […]


Solopreneurs Are Smarter: We Outsource Artfully

This is the ninth video in my Solopreneurs Are Smarter series. Why do I outsource and why should you? Resources Mentioned Nicole Dean – Outsource Weekly Melissa Ingold – Time Freedom Business Are you a Solopreneur?   I’d love you to be part of the Solo Masterminds Tribe!   Have you enjoyed the full Video Series? […]


Solopreneurs Are Smarter: We Choose Wise Mentors

This is the eighth video in my Solopreneurs Are Smarter series. At some point you’re going to need to work with a coach. In fact there are three different types of coaches you’ll want to work with at one time or another. Watch the video to find out more! Resources Mentioned David Perdew – NAMS Are […]


Solopreneurs Are Smarter: College Degrees Aren’t Everything

This is the seventh video in my Solopreneurs Are Smarter series. You don’t have to have a college degree to be a successful solopreneur. You can get great education on the internet but don’t get so addicted to learning that you’re not taking action! Are you a Solopreneur?   I’d love you to be part […]

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Samantha Angel

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Samantha Angel, of Advancing Steps Located in: East Wenatchee, WA, US Personal Bio: Samantha is a married mom of three. Living the solopreneurial life is sitting very well with Samantha and she loves the flexibility of working for herself. She enjoys feeding her creativity and her hobbies include photography, graphic design, […]


Tishia Lee

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Tishia Lee, of Tishia Saves Time Located in: Haslett, Michigan, US Personal Bio: Tishia Lee is a single mom to one who got fed up with him being raised in a daycare center. She was tired of dead-end, low-paying, crappy hours jobs and knew something had to give. Thanks to a friend, […]


Shannon Smith

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Shannon Smith, of Appetite for Design Located in: Valdosta, GA, US Personal Bio: A child of God and a single work at home mom of one recently turned teenage boy, Shannon has been a Graphic Designer for many moons and considers it her passion and hobby as well as her career. […]