Solo Smarts #108

Lain Ehmann, the incredible Productivity and Mindset Coach, is my awesome guest host on this week’s show and it’s ‘Coffee with Lain’ as she agreed to fly ‘solo’ and talk directly with YOU! If you find yourself often wishing you had more time – or thinking ‘I would be happy if I could only get more […]

How Kelly Came To Think Differently

Want to know how I’ve recently come to think differently about the coaching I offer and how much I charge for it? I’m holding a quick webbie to share my story with those who are currently looking for a business coach. If that’s you, I’d love to have you there :) Join me:  Wednesday, October […]


Million Dollar Keynote: I’m Going!

When I found out about Paul Evan’s Million Dollar Keynote event, I thought, great – another event I really want to go to but probably can’t make work. Wasn’t I pleased to discover it was the same weekend I was already planning to be down south?  Yes! It’s a small intensive, two day event with […]


Random Thoughts About Confidence

I know a lot of women who have social bravado and a great public face of confidence – but when they are unplugged and left to themselves they overanalyze and doubt themselves. Interestingly enough, I know several women who are confident in themselves on a personal level – and never assert that confidence in a public way. I […]

Choosing The Right Web Designer: Web Diva Wisdom

We were offered a free copy of this book for review purposes.  This review has been written by Robin Smith, one of our awesome Social Content Interns here at Solo Smarts. Online business owners often consider launching websites or giving a current site a new look.   It can be a daunting task and sometimes just seems so […]


Reporting In: Has Investing In Coaching Been A Good Thing?

At the last NAMS Workshop, David Perfew offered an Up Leveling coaching opportunity.  I shared my excitement about this in a video back in August. We’ve passed the half way mark and since it’s the beginning of a new month and the final quarter of 2014, I spent time doing some loose number crunching today. […]


Creative Images To Boost Action In Your Blog Posts

I’m a doodler.  I used to doodle my way through long staff meetings when I still worked in an office environment.  I doodle for fun at home.  It’s so relaxing. I recently realized I can bring my love of doodling into my business in interesting ways – like this… I created that doodle, partly with […]


Tweaking My Space For Better Videos

When your home office serves multiple purposes, it isn’t always easy to shoot video and not have a lot of ‘stuff’ come into the shot. I’ve been solving this issue by turning around with my back to my desk and shooting the video that way, but that requires moving my laptop about and every extra […]


Kicking Off The Stretch Yourself Challenge

I’m doing something really fun with the Challenge. I’m turning the whole thing into a book that I’ll be publishing in time for Christmas. The book is ‘finished’ (and it serves at the basis for the entire Challenge) but I’m treating it as a BETA presentation for the Challenge. I’m asking my Challenger group to help me finish […]

Step by Step Instructions for the DIY Solopreneur

Running an online business can sometimes seem overwhelming. You just wish you could have a step by step guide to walk you through the process of getting started and moving forward. This might be your answer if you’re on a tight budget and need to learn to do things for yourself. Angela Wills over at […]

Upcoming VIP Days (Live in Person) Are Available

In person VIP Coaching Days are available on these dates in these areas.  If you’re interested in spending a full day brainstorming, plotting & planning – get in touch with me about the dates that bring me nearest to you :) Tuesday, Nov 11th thru Friday, Nov 21st – Orlando/Tampa & Southwest Fl Area Sunday, November 23rd […]

Helpful Tax Tips!

This time of year we can become busy with our personal lives and forget the need to keep track of our business expenses.  … [Read More...]

Aweber Instructions

We are all trying to build a list.  To do this we have to have a way to capture names and email addresses.  There are several … [Read More...]

Take Action Today!

Have you been in learning mode for a while?  You keep learning new things and there is always more to learn.  So you put off … [Read More...]

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Samantha Angel

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Samantha Angel, of Advancing Steps Located in: East Wenatchee, WA, US Personal Bio: Samantha is a married mom of three. Living the solopreneurial life is sitting very well with Samantha and she loves the flexibility of working for herself. She enjoys feeding her creativity and her hobbies include photography, graphic design, […]


Tishia Lee

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Tishia Lee, of Tishia Saves Time Located in: Haslett, Michigan, US Personal Bio: Tishia Lee is a single mom to one who got fed up with him being raised in a daycare center. She was tired of dead-end, low-paying, crappy hours jobs and knew something had to give. Thanks to a friend, […]


Shannon Smith

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Shannon Smith, of Appetite for Design Located in: Valdosta, GA, US Personal Bio: A child of God and a single work at home mom of one recently turned teenage boy, Shannon has been a Graphic Designer for many moons and considers it her passion and hobby as well as her career. […]