7 Ways To Launch A Viral Marketing Campaign

This is a guest post by Jimmy D. Brown of How To Get Free Traffic.

The usual way to advertise your business is by putting your ads in front of your market. Sometimes you can do this for free,such as by optimizing your content for the search engines. Sometimes you pay for these ads, as is the case with pay per click marketing.

However, in all cases there’s just one problem:The prospective buyer is a bit skeptical of your advertising claims.

Now imagine instead if one of the prospect’s friends recommends your business or otherwise passes along your advertising message.

Will the prospect take notice? You bet. And he’ll be even more inclined to buy, simply because a neutral friend is essentially endorsing your products or services.

This is what happens when you use viral marketing. And that’s why viral marketing is so powerful. Here’s how to start implementing your own viral marketing campaign…

1. Post a link bait post on your blog.

Link bait content refers to any content that’s so controversial, humorous, offensive, entertaining, useful or otherwise engaging and unique that your readers just have to pass it along to others. That means that they’ll post your link on their own blogs, on niche forums, on Facebook and elsewhere.

2. Create a “share worthy” report.

Instead of posting content on your blog, you can release it via a report (PDF document). That way, people can share it directly by email. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to give people an incentive to share your report. Which brings us to the next point…

3. Create a rebrandable ebook.

By “rebrandable,” I mean that you allow other people to change some of the links to their links. That way, you can use your free ebook to promote your products, while allowing other people to rebrand the book with their affiliate links. End result: Everyone has an incentive to pass your ebook to others!

Tip:You can let your readers rebrand the books themselves by using a tool like ViralPDF.com.

4. Post a share-worthy video on YouTube.com.

What do I mean by share-worthy? Just check YouTube.com to see what’s popular in yourniche. Videos of cute babies and animals are always big hits, as are extremely motivational stories or unusual talents. However, these may not apply to your niche, so you’ll need to browse around to see what your prospects are currently interested in watching.

5. Give away software or other useful tools.

You don’t need to create information products –you can also create tools. For example, offer a free WordPress theme. You benefit by including your link at the bottom of every theme. That’s a goodadvertisement, but you also get the benefit of plenty of back links.

6. Create an anticipation-building, curiosity arousing product launch.

That’s right, a product launch can go viral – if you do it right. The trick is to turn it into an event that’s surrounded by alot of mystery. That way, you’ll get people talking about it on forums, on Facebook.com and elsewhere.

7. Create a contest.

Indeed, if you create a contest that’s built on referring others, then your contest will go viral naturally.

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