Solo Smarts #81: Kelly Pays Some Stupid Tax


I woke up early this morning – especially considering that I’m on west coast time.

I shouldn’t haven’t opened my email. I should have done what I set out to do – drink some water and go back to bed.

But I did check my email and in my ‘too early’ state of mind I got sucked in by an email offering a graphics pack.  The sales page made the set look amazing and I thought, ‘Why not?’. I can always use more cool graphics.

So I give them some money. ($18)

Then the OTO (one time offer) looked pretty cool too – PLR rights to sell the package and YES – I could add it to my paid membership site.  So I take the OTO and give them more money. ($47)

Now comes the ‘I feel dumb’ part.

The PLR package turns out to be crap. I don’t receive the graphics to deliver to my customers, I have to sell the package then send my customer their funnel to claim their purchase.  Bull crap. Not happening.

So I send a refund request on that right away.

Then I dig into the graphics themselves.

I’ve bought graphics packs before – lots of them.  I’ve never seen one delivered in such a pain in the butt way. Every little graphic in it’s own folder – almost impossible to simply browse for what I want. I have to click and open every
folder… blech!

I’m never gonna use this stuff, it’s just too difficult to find anything.

I’m not going to request a refund on the package itself. I’ll accept the $18 spent as my personal ’stupid tax’ and hope it teaches me not to check out email offers at the crack of dawn while traveling.

Yep, I’m Admitting I’m Dumb Sometimes

We all are!

Sales pages are powerful things. They make the product look fantastic and easy to use…

I admit it to you today because I know if you’ve been around the ‘make money online’ world for very long, you’ve probably paid some stupid tax of your own and I want you to know you’re not alone.

Want to confess something ‘dumb’ too? Leave me a comment and share what you’ve done recently that cost you some ‘stupid tax’ :)

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  1. I’ve banned myself from making decisions or spending money before 9:30 AM and not until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee or tea.
    Loretta recently posted..VA Helper Podcast Episode 014 – Using a Facebook Business PageMy Profile

  2. Kelly,

    Your experience is nothing strange to me. I’ve had so many episodes of paying ‘stupid tax’ on countless products but what appalls me is finding over a terabyte of dead assets sitting idle in my hard drive.

    I’ve become wiser through the years but sometimes, I just can’t help myself. It takes a lot of trying and reminding. Your post is a perfect reminder!
    Maria Silvo recently posted..Video Marketing Practices for Business SuccessMy Profile

  3. Kelly,
    I’m sure everyone’s had these experiences. Any suggestions to share about how to spot the kind of offer you should stay away from? I mean besides avoiding making a purchase early in the morning? :) Be great if you could share any observations in the comment section of the BizSugar community for the benefit of all our members.
    Heather Stone recently posted..7 Local SEO Tips Your Small Business Can’t Survive WithoutMy Profile

  4. Glad to hear things like this Kelly it makes you feel more real. You are very successful it’s nice to know people like you feel dumb too.

    Thinking about the last six years procrastinating on my business success makes me feel dumb. In a couple episodes I’ve heard you say how you can’t understand why people can’t move forward on their business after attending a conference or spending money on a workshop. Well I’m prime example. It’s because I don’t have the sink or swim mindset. It’s making me the extra money that I want but it’s got so much more potential. As you’re doing it’s time to move forward.

    If you’re looking for a podcast guest to share the struggles behind not pushing their business forward, I’d be the perfect guest.
    Savvy Subcontracting recently posted..Virtual Assistant Mentor (Episode 001)My Profile

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