Solo Smarts #82: Some Smart Choices I’ve Made

mifiYesterday I shared a couple of bad decisions I made that cost me and made me free pretty dumb.  I thought I’d counter that today with a few smart decisions I’ve made that I’m proud of.

Personal WIFI Device. 

After experiencing some difficulties with hotel WIFI last time we were in Las Vegas I decided to pick up a MIFI device from my cell phone provider. (ATT)  Definitely the best tech decision of the summer.  It’s been a huge blessing to me since.

Competing in Affiliate Competitions

Two and a half years ago I worked my virtual behind off to win the NAMS7 Affiliate Competition.  Ever since I’ve enjoyed free membership to MyNAMS, free attendance at the live events – not to mention about $20,000 in free resources and coaching.  The coaching has been my favorite asset for sure.

This summer I competed hard in the Coach Glue competition and prospered to the tune of about $1400 in affiliate commissions and bonuses plus my treasured iPad Mini.  I’ve been earning a delightful residual commission payout since and there’s no sign of that letting up.


In preparing for my presentation here in Las Vegas I did some math and determined that I’ve personally published over 500 podcast episodes.  I’m darned proud of that number and look forward to doubling it in far less than another ten years LOL!

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What smart decisions have you made that you’d share with me?  Leave a comment or voice mail!

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  1. I love it that you always keep tab of what’s happening in your business (and, I suppose, in your life) – smart and not so smart, decisions and consequences.

    Thanks, Kelly. It’s a great habit to learn and imbibe.
    Maria Silvo recently posted..Video Marketing Practices for Business SuccessMy Profile

  2. Thanks to you, Kelly, one of the best decisions I’ve made is my company name, Savvy Subcontracting. Recently when I’ve been doing some reorganization of my service business and wasn’t sure how it would work. Well, it’s going to work out perfect. This is my theory It doesn’t matter whether you call my services outsourcing or subcontracting. The key to any successful relationship is clearly defining and agreeing the desired outcomes at the outset and having a clear understanding of the roles of each party.

    Yet another tip you gave me is to use Google. I use it for everything so I can literally work from anywhere.

    As another one of your guests pointed out it’s ok to fail. That’s how we learn. Focusing on the positive makes us feel good. Along with watching and learning from industry leaders.

    Collette Schultz
    Savvy Subcontracting recently posted..Familiarizing Yourself with the Pros and Cons of SubcontractingMy Profile

  3. Love this and I’m getting caught up on a lot of podcasts here. I know I’m a bit off topic, but can’t you guys tether your phone’s connection to another advice? If I have phone data network access, I can connect my laptop, iPad, etc. No extra charges.
    Alice Seba recently posted..What Questions to Ask in an Interview – 8 IdeasMy Profile

    • Kelly McCausey

      Yeah, you can with some phones.

      I wanted a MIFI device so I don’t have to put extra drain on my cell phone battery and so I can loan it out if I need to without giving up my phone :)


  1. says:

    Solo Smarts #82: Some Smart Choices I’ve Made

    Yesterday I shared a couple of bad decisions I made that cost me and made me free pretty dumb. I thought I’d counter that today with a few smart decisions I’ve made that I’m proud of.

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