Solo Smarts #84: Martha Stewart Insults Bloggers

coffee-with-kellyMartha Stewart trampled the feelings of lifestyle bloggers this week and gives me an opportunity to chat about ‘qualifications’ for bloggers and podcasters.

Everyone of us who seek to be a resource to a niche deal with this sort of thing.   On one hand we’re encouraged to step out and be our unique selves while on the other hand someone is telling us we’re not experienced enough or trained enough.  Who’s right?

Listen in for my opinion.

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  1. Carol Lowe

    I totally agree with your podcast regarding Martha Stewart. She is completely full of herself and should hire someone to carry around that gigantic “expert” head of hers. She was a recent guest on Bethenny’s talk show. She was so smug, so condescending and constantly belittled Bethenny every chance she got while promoting her newest cookbook. As you may know, Bethenny was a contestant on her Apprentice show back in the day and came in second place. She told Bethenny that no one liked her back then and she was a pest! She was so disrespectful, I cringed.
    I am a newbie blogger and no “expert”, but I research and study my topics to learn what I’m talking about and I’m sure you do as well. Martha Stewart is an obnoxious bully. You were very kind to say “Martha Stewart can kiss my butt” because I don’t think I would have been so nice.
    Kudos to you for starting your own podcast without being a so called “expert”. As long as you inform and entertain your listeners then you and all the other bloggers are just as “expert” as she believes that she is. Sounds like envy and sour grapes to me. So Kelly continue to strive forward and keep up the great work. Martha who?

  2. Oh brother. It’s just jealous if you ask me. She knows her empire is being upstaged. It reminds me of what the Pharisees said about the apostles: “you guys are all unlettered and ordinary. You haven’t been to The Schools.”

    Carrie recently posted..4 Habits That Keep Me SaneMy Profile

  3. Thank you Kelly for being you and being the expert you are.
    Minna Bryant recently posted..Quick Thought: Qualified equals someone who’s done it?My Profile

  4. Martha Stewart pissed me off in the early 90s, I think it was. It was the first time I’d heard of her and caught her on TV, maybe one of her first shows? Not sure, but she was making something, I don’t even remember now, but she was explaining what she was doing and she said, “Well, some of you will get it.” That was so condescending. Her attitude smacked me like a brick wall. I turned the show off and have never watched or listened to her since. I do not support her in any way. I don’t even know why she went to jail, but I thought it was so funny that she did.

    I agree that people want a more personal experience online. We prefer to listen to and follow everyday people who are succeeding, so yes, Martha can kiss all our butts! So glad you said it publicly. I hope she hears about it. ;)
    Patti Stafford recently posted..Finding Your Voice With Your Content CreationMy Profile

  5. While I agree that Martha Stewart can kiss my butt, I don’t agree with your analogy that you aren’t a professional. If not a professional than what are you? :)

    Trust me girlfriend, a professional tells Martha Stewart to Kiss Her Butt, but someone who isn’t a professional would have said it with more colorful words. LOL

    You go girl!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..My Time Management Strategies – Can They Work For You?My Profile

  6. We’re all influenced by and impressed by different things for different reasons. There are both true and false experts in all niches and fields, it’s up to us as ‘consumers’ to seek out the one’s they can relate to and learn from.

    BTW Didn’t Emily Post and Dear Abby do it before Martha did? Really I think the number of people who care what Martha thinks is rapidly diminishing but this is a great way to be sure all those lifestyle bloggers will write about her and her comments. Old concept – good publicity vs bad publicity it’s all publicity.
    Debra Lloyd recently posted..How To Make Love (To Your Website!)My Profile

  7. It’s kind of like telling someone what success is. It’s up to the individual. You go girl.
    Savvy Subcontracting recently posted..My StoryMy Profile

  8. VERY Well said Kelly! No one ever, ever, ever has the right to tell you because you didn’t do *this* you can’t do *that* — We can do anything we want!
    Vera Raposo recently posted..Can The Bible Really Be The Only Thing You Need To Build & Grow Your Business?My Profile

  9. I totally agree with you. When let people like Martha Stewart try to state that they are better than we are just because they have “college training” it is only hindering us. I have been earning money from home for a while now. I’ve even had some of my work be featured in magazines too.
    Loved the podcast.
    Mandi Welbaum recently posted..Our Bedtime Routine: A Reaction To “She Crawled”My Profile

  10. I was completely shocked when I watched this video. I heard Martha at BlogHer in 2012 and was so encouraged how she “embraced” bloggers. I hope that she simply didn’t express herself well in this interview and there was some other point she was trying to make but somehow I don’t think that’s the case. I think what it boils down to is encroachment on her revenue streams and a very defensive response that wasn’t well thought out especially considering she wasn’t an “expert” when she began either.
    Amanda recently posted..How We Continue English Learning in a non-English Speaking CountryMy Profile

  11. Ren Rejante says:

    I’m no ‘expert’ on Martha Stewart’s or anyone else’s idea of who has the authority to certify ‘expertise’, so she’ll probably dismiss this opinion offhand. There will, of course, continue to be segments of the population who believe that a person or group in authority — like a government agency, for example — should certify the expertise of certain individuals in various fields of learning. This is not to advocate in favor of all forms of government intervention, God forbid. In fact, many people believe that simply having been published in largely circulated magazines, or published a well-acclaimed book, would be enough for one to be considered an expert. The argument of course being, that others of “lesser stature” should not be categorized the same way, largely for the purported protection of a public who have no means to judge what’s good or right for themselves. (Can somebody say ‘Elitist?’)

    However, the fact is that there are ‘learned’ people who are not malevolent pedagogues or swindlers who have attained a mastery of their craft, as Kelly asserts, who choose to share that knowledge outside of what used to be the conventional modes of attaining recognition for expert status — like the universities, government agencies and professional associations. The advantage and concomitant responsibility placed upon us by the internet is to educate ourselves, become experts of our own lives, learn to judge what is in our own best interests, and to make choices wisely, whether or not Martha Stewart or the government, or anyone else, says otherwise.

  12. I am responsible for this video response to Ms. Stewart’s callous, nasty and rude comments, that offended almost everyone who attended Blogher 2012 and heard her say, “Send me all your links to your blogs. I want to read them all.” And then the dreaded Bloomberg video…Is it the fame or the money that makes her so uppity? I remain appalled and disgusted.
    Vicki Winters recently posted..One Blogger’s Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart-My Profile

  13. Seth Godin says “everyone is an expert”, and Martha Stewart says only Vogue-trained editors are. You don’t get to determine who says what about you, but you get to choose whether to listen to someone who tears you down, or someone who builds you up. It’s your blog, and your life.


  1. says:

    Solo Smarts #84: Martha Stewart Insults Bloggers

    Martha Stewart trampled the feelings of lifestyle bloggers this week and gives me an opportunity to chat about ‘qualifications’ for bloggers and podcasters. Everyone of us who seek to be a resource to a niche deal with this sort of thing. On one hand w…

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