kelly-august-2014bAbout Kelly McCausey:

I’m a full time solopreneur celebrating twelve years in online business.

I didn’t set out to do this – way back in 2002 working at home was a way to supplement my full time job. I needed to earn an extra $200 a month to keep my utilities from being shut off all the time.  (Ug!)  

There came a time, a year or two into doing this, when I realized my ‘little internet business’ had huge potential… I was earning far more than my original goal and making progress paying off old bills. For the first time I imagined what life would be like without debt and struggle. (Hope!) 

It took some doing but I got debt free, gave notice and walked away from my job in 2006. Since then, variety is the ‘spice of business’ for me.

I blog, podcast, design, partner, create information products, run a membership site, hold live retreats and coach others to get where they want to be in an online business. In 2013 I hit my first ‘Six Figure Business’ year.

The best part of reaching this goal was knowing I worked less, played more and felt more fulfilled than ever.

I hope you dig into the podcast and get fired up by the stories my guests share – I know I do ;)

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Kelly is Hosting Events:

Kelly is Speaking:

  • NAMS 9 (Atlanta, February 2013)
  • NAMS 10 (Atlanta, August 2013)
  • Connie Ragen Green’s Weekend Marketer Live (Las Vegas, October 2013)
  • NAMS 11 (Atlanta, February 2014)
  • Earn 1K a Day (Las Vegas, June 2014)
  • NAMS 12 (Atlanta, August 2014)
  • NAMS 13 (Atlanta, March 2015)
  • Earn 1K a Day (Las Vegas, June 2015)


Kelly is Guest Blogging:

Kelly is Featured:

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Contact Information

Telephone: 517-301-2182
eMail: kelly@kellymccausey.com
Mailing: Kelly McCausey, P. O. Box 79, Okemos, MI 48805