Are You Ready to Be a Freelancing Machine?


The freelancers life seems to be a glamorous life. A life where you can set your own hours, write your own paycheck and be your own boss. With our nutty economy, that life of freedon looks better every day. It’s no wonder freelancing is on the rise like never before. If you are thinking about jumping into the freelance world, you need to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about being a freelancer

TheFreelanceEconomy says: “We have about half a million small and medium sized companies using Elance, increasingly some larger corporations are starting to use our model and our database has over 2 million freelancers, not all are active at the same time, but they sign up for alerts for things like interesting jobs and information that may be relevant to them.”

Being a freelancer is amazing – as long as you are really ready for it. Following this simple advice will help you prepare for life in the freelance world.

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