Assume You Are The Source For Your Peeps!

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Our Breakthrough session turned out so great this week I wanted to make the recording available to you ASAP – the downloadable MP3 audio is right up at the top of this post or you can watch the entire playback here.

We let our own insecurities hold us back day after day.  Some of you came into 2012 in your comfort zone and haven’t seriously made a move to get out of it all year.  If that sounds likeyou, I know you don’t want to roll into 2013 with the same fears and concerns!  Rinse and repeat is great in the show – but a terrible business plan!

We need to do NEW things.  We need to do it with NEW people and in NEW places!

Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and learn how to become THE source for your circle of influence?  Sign up for the Stretch Yourself Challenge here.


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    Could you elaborate more on the Stretch Yourself Challenge? Is this a like a ‘branding challenging’ – involving social media like Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn etc…? Or a goal setting program? Is this focused on ‘myself’ or on ‘my internet marketing business’ or both? What kind of commitment is involved to get the tasks done in say… a typical week or month?

    Faith @PLR Mastery Blog
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      Thanks for asking Faith :)

      It is partly about you and your attitudes and partly about specific actions that get your name and face out there in front of the people who need to know about you.

      Think “one part knowledge and three parts butt kickin'” ;)

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    Hi Kelly,

    That’s a nice diagram you have here to explain how network marketing works. I sure don’t like to be pushy, myself. I know some people are great pushers, though, but it will just never be me.

    It’s very hard for some folks to get out of that comfort zone, that a very scary place for the common human being, but once we try it, we love it!

    Nice meeting you over to my blog and wanted to check you out at your home :)
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    Thank you Kelly for sharing! I can definitely relate to a lot of those things that hold us back. I had an ahh ha moment when you talked about not sharing something because others have already shared it. I realized it takes many exposures to information before people buy and if I share a link or information that has already been shared that person may buy from me because they are now ready to buy and they trust me and my email came at just the right time. So from now on I’m just going to stretch myself and share what I know and what I am passionate about and quit psyching myself out just because other bigger names maybe sharing the same info. I have my own unique style and feel God has blessed me with talents and I want to share that knowledge and help others. So thank you for being an inspiration like always!

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