October 2014 In Person Mastermind Weekend: Why I Want YOU There

(I’m bringing this post back up – I wrote originally for the first Beachpreneurs Retreat.)

It’s a weekend beach retreat that will drive you towards breakthrough in your online business.  This is the sort of experience you’ll look back on and tell others, ‘That was the turning point for me!  That’s when I started to think bigger, try harder, take more risks and see greater results!’

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to be bold and step up your hustle!

It’s what I’ve been doing all year!

Back in December, Nicole mentioned she had an extra ticket for a big conference out on California and wanted a hotel roomie.  I was barely six weeks out from having my thyroid zapped and certainly had no amount of savings tucked away – but I desperately wanted to say yes to the opportunity.  Instead of blowing it off as too soon and too expensive, I dug in and looked for ways to make it happen.  Within 48 hours I had the money I needed to buy a plane ticket and plenty of cash set aside for the trip itself.    (That was a bit of a miracle considering I had another trip to Atlanta for NAMS9 just a few weeks later!)

Later in the spring I said yes to heading to Florida for a two week adventure to network on the beach, spend time with friends and speak at a church.  While there, Nicole mentions that she’s headed to Las Vegas for Dennis Becker’s Earn 1K a day event and wanted a hotel roomie.  I said ‘I’m in!’   With a little more hustle, I had my ticket to the event bought and a plane ticket purchased within a few days.  (The event was LESS than a month away when she mentioned it.)

After NAMS10 in August, Nicole and I were given an opportunity to attend JVZoo’s Marketing Mayhem event coming up in just three short weeks in Orlando.  The tickets were gifted to us but we had flights and hotel to consider.  We both decided to go for it.  Again, I had to hustle.  (Imagine my delight when I discovered I could afford a First Class ticket for the trip.)

I’ve met interesting new people, taken on many new clients, developed great joint ventures, spent time with people I love – all because I said yes to the challenge.

I look back and imagine saying no to all of it… yikes!

I could have looked at one of those invites and said ‘Nah, it’s too soon.’  ‘It’s too much.’  ‘Maybe next time.’

You know me – I do NOT encourage anyone to go into debt with their business.  But not having enough money is not a good reason to give up.  We are online solopreneurs – we know how to Make The Money LOL!

Turn up your creativity and ask yourself how you could say YES to this.

My business has grown all year and I know why:  Because I HUSTLED!

I accepted challenges that forced my hand.  I refused to go with an easy no when I could go for a yes that would stretch me out of my comfort zone.

This chance to spend a weekend with Nicole and I is just the sort of challenge many of you have been waiting for!

We even have a few upgrade spots available before and after the weekend for women who’d like to come early or stay late for some private time with us.

What is it?

An all female business mastermind and retreat!  We’ll cook together, pamper and play together, plot and plan together… we’ll all leave the house equipped for greater things!

Why did we decide to go with all women?  When it comes to sharing bedrooms, it’s just not especially co-ed friendly ;)  Who knows though? We may certainly consider a co-ed version in the future!


When is it?

October 2014 and March 2015 both have retreats booked.

Where is it?

We have a booked a fantastic house right on beautiful Pensacola Beach and have room for 15 women, including us.  This is the perfect size group for a powerful mastermind – large enough to be truly stimulating but intimate enough that everyone gets time and attention.

There are nine bedrooms so most of us will share a room with another women but a few can opt to pay extra for a private Master Bedroom if they love their alone time.

Why Us?

Why invest in spending a weekend with Nicole and I?

kelly-april-2013I’m the ‘Buttkickin’ Coach’ and I am darned good at helping you get ideas out of your head into action.  As a Blogger & Podcaster I understand what it takes to build content and drive traffic.  As an information marketer and membership site owner, I know all of the pieces and parts of this business.

I have nurtured hundreds of web based solopreneurs over my eleven years in business and pride myself on the tangible results so many have achieved.


Nicole Dean is freaking amazing. Blogger, Podcaster, Super Affiliate, Author, Speaker – everywhere we go people want to spend time with her.  She’s built an amazing, multi-faceted business and it purrs like a kitten even when her back it turned on it for weeks at a time.  She’s the perfect example of a ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’.

She thinks ahead in ways that I haven’t mastered yet – helping already successful online entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level.

Everything is Included!

The price you pay to attend includes everything all weekend.  We’ve got meals, snacks, beverages and activities covered!   All you have to do is Get There :)

 Think It Through – And Say Yes!




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