Solopreneurs Are Smarter Book

This project has been a labor of passion.  I’m convinced that online solopreneurs are the smartest, most creative business owners on the net and I’m on a mission to prove it to the world.

When you run a business light and tight on purpose – you are SMART!

When you build a business that generates ever increasing income while you work an ever decreasing schedule – you are BRILLIANT!

I’m so excited about getting a copy of this book in my hands – and into yours!  Solopreneurs are Smarter is a pocket sized book with 85 pages dedicated to recognizing the awesomeness of Solopreneurs.

Chapter Titles

  • Solopreneurs Can Own Their Niche
  • Solopreneurs Don’t Have To Live By the Clock
  • Solopreneurs Leverage Technology
  • Solopreneurs Are Light On Their Feet
  • Solopreneurs Create Their Own Business Culture
  • Soloprenuers Don’t Have A Boss
  • Solopreneurs Don’t Have To Go To College
  • Solopreneurs Seek Out Wise Advice
  • Solopreneurs Don’t Employ – They Outsource
  • Solopreneurs Partner with Other Solopreneurs
  • Solopreneurs Can Creatively Work With Interns
  • Solopreneurs Can Fill Their Time with Variety
  • Solopreneurs Take It to The Next Level When They Want To

I wrote Solopreneurs are Smarter because I want to inspire more folks just like the client mentioned in this chapter.  If you really have a vision for running a great online business – I’m certain you CAN!

I didn’t write this alone- I’m thrilled to have guest chapters from three awesome solopreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with:

Alice Seba,

Alice loves helping online business owners get more results from their content.  Whether it’s ghostwriting services, private label rights content services or her content marketing blog, Alice is there to help you turn words into profits.

Lynette Chandler,

Lynette is a geek who loves marketing and has a knack for helping others understand it. Lynette is actively developing tools that help businesses grow. She also trains freelancers so they too can provide technical support services and get paid well doing so.

Christina Lemmey,

Christina is a Virtual Assistant who has specialized in multi media support services, helping clients make the most of audio and video elements in their businesses.

There’s one more person I’ve partnered with that I really wanted to have a hand in this book and that’s Nicole Dean,  I asked Nicole if she’d write the Foreword for me and I’m so tickled that she agreed!

A nip from Nicole’s Foreword:

“If you’re not yet in business for yourself, you will get a good overview of what can be – if you choose the path of the Solopreneur. Being a Solopreneur isn’t for everyone, so this book can help you to assess what it takes to succeed and whether or not you wish to pursue this path.”

No amount of money earned through my business has been as satisfying or as valuable as the friendship I enjoy with these amazing women.

Whether you’re a successful solopreneur now or have dreams of becoming one – I know Solopreneurs are Smarter will spark fresh vision for what you can build for your future.

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Read my book and I bet you realize just how smart YOU are!


Kelly McCausey
Solo Smarts