My New Love: Box Shot King (Make Your Own eCover Graphics!)

This post is a product recommendation with a video demo of me using the product and a coupon to save $30.

I’m promoting this with my affiliate link – I hope that doesn’t give you the wrong idea though.  My admiration for this product is real, I promise you!

Do you ever need to create eCover graphics?

Maybe you need to create a cover graphic for a special report you’ve written to give away or an ebook you’re going to sell.

Good eCover graphics are a visual representation of the gift or product.  It helps your potential subscribers and customers understand what you’re offering and increases your conversions.

If you hire it out it costs you fifty bucks a pop – I know because I’ve been paid to make hundreds of these ecovers over the last few years.

Now, you can do it yourself – with this tool that I’ve fallen in love with.

I promise I’m not just talking like a marketer here – I LOVE what this product does and know that it is going to be tremendously useful to those who need it.

The product is Box Shot King. It’s not actually a ‘product’, it’s a membership. With your membership you have access to a 100% online tool that creates beautiful graphics perfect for promoting virtual products and mailing lists.

See for yourself, watch me using the product to create an ecover from scratch.

When I listen to myself talk about it in this video I think I sound like a smitten girl describing a new boy LOL!  I’m a geek – can’t help it.

Here’s the graphic I created in the video –>

Box Shot King isn’t limited to eCovers for Books and Special Reports, they also have templates for boxes, CDs, DVDs, Kindle views, Ipad and Ipod views, etc.

Why is it a membership?

I wondered that at first too – I wanted to pay him $XX and get the software to use on my PC.

But I learned there’s a good reason for it to be offered as a membership.

  • First, It can be used from any computer – PC or Mac. (I have both so this is awesome!)
  • Second, as they improve the product or add new graphic options, you have instant access.
  • Third, all of the graphics you create are saved for you in your account. That’s pretty cool.

Yes, this means that you pay for your membership every year.  This doesn’t bother me because I know how much I’ll use it. If you know you’ll make at least two eCovers, your investment will be  a deal – if you never need it again, that’s fine – don’t renew your membership.  (But I think you’ll be hooked.  I have a dozen ideas for graphics in my little note book – just waiting for some free time to get them made.)

Have you made you as excited as I am yet?  If you need ecovers, I bet I have LOL!

What’s it cost?

A one year membership is $99 – but I’ve arranged a $30 discount for you.

Before Box Shot King you needed Photoshop ($529 on Amazon right now) and several pricey action sets (I’ve spent over $200 on them) to make these great 3D graphics, you could easily spend $1000 once you finish buying all of the extra graphic sets and font styles that come IN your Box Shot King membership.

They have templates for more than book and report covers too, see these cute graphics I made with Box Shot King:

That IS why I’m so geeked about it. I already knew how to make great graphics, but most of my friends couldn’t invest a grand into software (or spend months getting to know Photoshop)  now they can do it for just $69.

So here’s my special link – use the coupon code: ‘mccausey’ to get the $30 discount.


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    Hi Kelly! I’ve been using another ecover creator which is also a membership site. I haven’t heard of Box Shot King before but I’m definitely signing up for this one. Thanks a lot for the coupon code.

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    Hi Kelly
    I’ve just signed up for some of your training, and signed up for Box Shot King. Wow! In fact – WOW!!!! I knew it would cost a bomb to have eCovers professionally designed but now I can do them myself *dances round in excitement*
    Thank you so much

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    I am in a Membership identical to this one, only different name. Looks and works exactly the same way. Only difference is some of the backgrounds are different and mine has a several slick 3D font styles too. I got in a couple of years ago when it was the base price, now it’s $15 a month for new members. I had the opportunity to buy a lifetime membership for I think $99 but didn’t (DUH!!) So I just wanted to let your readers know that this is a great program and so easy to use. This is also a fabulous price. Don’t walk, run! Go get it!
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