Solo Smarts #105: Can You Be Fit When You Sit

Brent and Felicia 2014

While I was away at the first ever Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference, I invited my friend, speaker and speech coach trainer Felicia Slattery to be my guest host. I asked her to interview someone cool I met at NAMS last month. His name is Brent Parkhill and he is a certified personal trainer. You’ll hear about their […]

Solo Smarts #104: It’s Time To Tell People What You Can Do


It’s Baaaack :)  The Stretch Yourself Challenge! You.  You have something to offer. You’re better at it than the average person.  What’s more, you enjoy the heck out of it. Now, big question: How many people know this about you? That, my dear friend, is the ‘Big Issue’ we cover in the Stretch Yourself Challenge. […]

Solo Smarts #103: Can You Grow Without Travel?


A long time listener write me recently to express some frustration.  ‘You’re always pushing some live event!’  Eeks! She went on to share how travel is not possible for her, at least not for the time being.  Her email ended with a question.  ‘Do I stand a chance at growing a business without live events?’ […]

Solo Smarts #102 Let’s Talk Bright Shiny Objects


It’s just you and me in this episode so grab your favorite cup and hang out with me for a while.  I’m gabbing about Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and Content Curation.  I’m both encouraging you to resist bright shiny objects AND dangling a very bright shiny object in front of you ;) Read a text […]

Solo Smarts #101: Dan Morris Goes For Maximum Presence


Dan Morris of Blogging Concentrated makes a repeat appearance on Solo Smarts this week and I know you’re going to enjoy our discussion. Since he’s been traveling and rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful bloggers, I asked him if he’s noticed something they all share in common.  Listen to to hear his reply. […]

Solo Smarts #100: Alice Seba Serves Up Content The Way You Need It


Alice Seba of Contentrix is my guest on this week’s podcast, making one of many return appearances.  I love getting to catch up with her, especially when she has something new to share with us. Her newest project is a Foodaplenty, a resources site for food bloggers.  You’ll find food related PLR content there as […]

Solo Smarts #99: Ronnie Nijmeh Changes The Game


Ronnie Nijmeh is well known for the great PLR he offers via and has a new project he wants you to know about over at  Listen in to hear about his new “Speak to Publish” Book Publishing Program. Learn from all of the Speakers at my Exposure & Profit event! Gifts from The Book […]

Solo Smarts #98: Rachel Martin Finds Joy In The Little Things


Rachel Martin is a mother of seven.  How can I not introduce her that way?  There’s just aren’t that many women out there with that many kids.  Of course, she’s also a Blogger, Speaker and Published Author. I’m chatting with Rachel this week about what it takes to become known on the internet these days. […]

Solo Smarts #97: Justin Popovic Wants You To Challenge Yourself


Justin Popovic of Ignite Your Essence says you should always be pressing towards the next challenge.  He knows what he’s talking about as he’s been pushing him self in all areas of his life for some time. This pic was taken after he completed a 10k race recently. How about you?  Are you setting yourself up […]

Solo Smarts #96: Cindy Bidar Wants You To Be An Indispensable VA


Cindy Bidar of Educated VA is my co-host on the show today.  Cindy is one of the most highly respected Virtual Assistants in the industry, really she’s outgrown the title as she’s more of a Business Manager or Project Manager for her clients. She has a brand new opportunity coming up for Virtual Assistants that […]