Solo Smarts #95: Melissa Ingold Is All About Lifestyle


Melissa Ingold of Time Freedom Business is an outsourcing expert who shows you how to build systems and delegate so you can focus on what you’re really good at.  Do you believe you can build a business that gives you freedom to live a flexible life for you and your family? I wanted to have […]

Solo Smarts #94: Farideh Brings Flair


Farideh caught my attention with a fun music video about firing a client. I had to learn more about her and so I asked her to be a guest here on Solo Smarts.   After many years as a musician who had to invest time and effort into marketing herself, Farideh discovered a love of […]

Solo Smarts #93: David Perdew Loves His P.I.E.


David Perdew of NAMS (Novice to Advanced Marketing System) is back on the podcast and we’re talking about what it’s been like building, leading and serving the NAMS family of instructors and students. Do you know David invested more than time in getting NAMS off the ground?  For the first two years he essentially funded […]

Solo Smarts #92: Kelly Loves Being Helpful


As a business coach, I want to help people build amazing businesses that help make their lifestyle dreams come true.  The important word in that sentence is HELP. I want to be helpful to clients. I feel happy and fulfilled when I’m able to be helpful. During a client session this week I had the […]

Solo Smarts #91: Amanda Cook Turned Wellness Into Profits


Amanda Cook of is an online strategist and certified holistic health coach. She teaches health and wellness entrepreneurs how to grow their own healthy business online through blogging, social media and email marketing strategies. Amanda also hosts the weekly WellpreneurOnline podcast which shares tips for growing your business online. You’ll want to see […]

Solo Smarts #90: Jeanette Cates Pioneered Internet Marketing For Women


I’ve got two powerful audios to share with you this week. Jeanette Cates is my first ever Master Class Interview available in the Solo Masterminds Member Area and I’m sharing a bit of our conversation with you to whet your appetite and attract you into the membership to listen to the whole thing. Learn more […]

Solo Smarts #89: What If You Changed Everything?


2014 is kicking off to be the sleekest, most focused of my 12 years in online business.   I can’t even tell you all the ways I’ve focused and streamlined yet because some of it is all rather hush-hush, but trust me – I’m FOCUSED! There is one major change I want to share with […]

Solo Smarts #88: Tom Ewer Goes Old School Community Building

Tom Ewer is back here on the Solo Smarts Podcast to give us an update on everything he has going on over at Leaving Work Behind.  Listen in as we chat about his failed Kindle experience, his growing affiliate income, his change in overall business strategy and the addition of an ‘old school’ forum on […]

Solo Smarts #87: Be a Beachpreneur in 2014


The Beachpreneurs Retreat I co-hosted with Nicole Dean last month is definitely a highlight of 2013 for both of us.  It’s so special to spend quality time with a group of female business owners who all want to build something amazing. We’re pleased to announce dates for two Beachpreneur Retreats in 2014: Spring: March 6-10th […]

Solo Smarts #86: Catching Up With Kelly


I attended one of Dan Morris’ Blogging Concentrated events this weekend.  Having the chance to connect with bloggers in my area was too good to resist and I had a great time.  Check out the 2013 schedule for an event coming near you.  If you don’t see one on the schedule in your area and […]

Kelly's First Multi-Speaker Live Event Is Coming To Toronto May 16-18th:  Exposure & Profit