Solo Smarts #116: Testing Information Product Ideas


How do I know if my idea for an information product will sell?  If only we had a crystal ball to see into the future on every product idea we come up with, right? The longer I’m in business, the better I get at judging ideas – but to be honest, I still get surprised […]

Solo Smarts #115: Sandy Lawrence Has PR Smarts


Sandy Lawrence, CEO and Founder of Perceptive Public Relations is my guest this week.  A PR and Marketing Strategist with over 30 years experience in the industry, Sandy was most recently recognized as #17 in the Top 100 Social Influencers in Houston, Texas for 2014. The Houston Business Journal identified Perceptive Public Relations as one […]

Solo Smarts #114: Liz Lockard Wants You To Know Your Analytics

Liz Lockard Headshot

Liz Lockard is a Google Analytics geek who loves helping small businesses uncover real marketing insights from their data and drive more of the right kind of traffic to their websites. She’s been running around the web a lot recently – you may have seen her in The New York Times, Social Media Examiner, The […]

Solo Smarts #113: Nicole Dean Doesn’t Want Life To Just Happen To You


Life shouldn’t just happen to us, but it will if we’re not intentional about it. Nicole Dean is here this week to share how she woke up to the realization that her life was spending too much time in auto-pilot – and not taking her at all in the direction she wanted.  Her willingness to […]

Solo Smarts #112: Podcasting Gives Marc Mawhinney Energy


When I learned about Marc Mawhinney’s Natural Born Coaches Podcast, I wondered how well he was fairing at keeping up with a daily episode schedule.  Turns out, he’s fairing very well.  He loves the process and relationships he’s building. Marc is focused on coaching other coaches and is actively involved in helping a lot of […]

Solo Smarts #111: Why use aMember?


Lynette Chandler and I released Part One of our new Members Skills course in January.  It teaches you everything we know about using aMember in our online businesses. Why do I use aMember?  Oh let me count the reasons :) It’s my All In One solution.  For me, aMember serves as a: Client Information Manager Shopping […]

Solo Smarts #110: Kelly Craves Your Presence


More than ever before, I’m coming to crave travel and the company of other solopreneurs.  While snuggling down here in Michigan for the winter, I’m looking ahead to the Beachpreneur Events I run with Nicole Dean and even planning some extra small group events here in the north country. I’ll be answering questions like: Why […]

Solo Smarts #109: Jessica Larrew Rocks Amazon FBA


Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family is my guest on this episode of Solo Smarts. Jessica started selling via the Amazon FBA program in 2009 after selling via eBay for sometime and discovered a knack for making it work. Ultimately she was so successful she was able to bring her hubby home from the day […]

Solo Smarts #108

Lain Ehmann, the incredible Productivity and Mindset Coach, is my awesome guest host on this week’s show and it’s ‘Coffee with Lain’ as she agreed to fly ‘solo’ and talk directly with YOU! If you find yourself often wishing you had more time – or thinking ‘I would be happy if I could only get more […]

Solo Smarts #107: Road Trip Play List


I’ll be rolling out this week for the third Beachpreneurs Retreat on Pensacola Beach.  I can’t wait to get there but I also really enjoy these long solo road trips. When I’m at home, with five screens available to me at any one time, it’s hard to resist DOING something about an idea that pops […]