Let’s Go On A Writing Date Together (Sorta)


My friend Natalie wrote about how to go on a Writing Date recently and it sparked a whole new idea that led to National Writing Date Day!  Don’t you love how things get momentum like that? I will definitely be heading out for a Writing Date at a local Biggby’s Coffee – how about you? […]

St. Pete Beach Lifestyle Conference Hangout Replay


Nicole Dean & I hosted a fun hangout today with most of our incredible Speakers & Advisors coming to help us rock our Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference in St. Pete Beach. Watch to learn more about them and pick up their smart business lifestyle tips! Grab your ticket to the event!

Curation Tip: Show Off Your Curated Content


I’m using the Genesis Framework from Studiopress on Solo Smarts. The homepage of my theme allows me to organize content using widgets.  I have my latest podcast up at the top, my latest blog posts under that on the left and all of my latest curated content on the right. Regular curation means there’s always something fresh on the […]

Working With A New Mentor Lights A Fire In Me!


I decided to invest in myself and my business and jumped into an ‘Upleveling’ program with David Perdew.  I’m sharing about my intake call in this video :)  

Six Steps To Delete, Recycle & Up-cycle Your Blog Content


Have you been blogging for a few years now?  Hurray for you!  Now, how’ve you been doing with your content housekeeping? Our direction in business has likely changed over the years and if that’s true, your content marketing goals have certainly changed.  Chances are you have older content that no longer serves you as well […]

Bright Shiny Object Open Phones This Friday

Are you fighting Bright Shiny Object Syndrome right now? First step – read this blog post or listen to this podcast.  I’ve got some very solid advice for you on the subject. Next up, you probably have a decision to make about a Sparkly product or project – most of us do! Should I sign […]

Let’s Curate Together in August: Join My Curation Intensive


I released Smart Curation Skills last year after my experience with it showed me great results.  I saw an increase in traffic, I had lots of cool stuff to share on social media and I was actually making new connections. I’m still a big fan of Content Curation today and I love helping others get […]

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome Solutions


Want to listen to this post? I recorded an expanded audio version for the podcast, you can listen to it here. We are genetically designed to notice new things, so seeing and thinking about new stuff is certainly normal – like a knee jerk reaction, right? It’s totally human and totally O.K. We’re not helpless sufferers though. […]

Are You Minding Your Marketing Gaps?


Guest Contribution By Bob The Teacher It’s easy as an entrepreneur to focus your attention on the cutting edge of new technologies, marketing strategies, and the latest tools. I know that doing so keeps me on my toes and I love to share new things with others. But in that focus there’s a danger of […]

My Home Office Gadget Charging Center


This isn’t anything fancy and making it happen was as simple as applying some Gorilla Glue to a small wooden bin, but I’m pleased with the results. I like open space on my desk, so the mess of wires and gadgets that were often taking up real state while they charged up were getting on […]