Top Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Solo Smarts Quckie

Study any successful business person and you will find they have learned some secrets for long-term success. An example: They Take Their Business Seriously Entrepreneurs who have sustainable businesses do not run their business like a hobby working on it only when inspiration strikes. They create a schedule based on their business plans and stick […]

Fall Marketing Ideas

Fall Marketing Ideas

Web Navigator Girl, Laura Wallis  provides lots of tips for fall sales success in her post Fall Into Sales Success with These Hot Fall Marketing Ideas.  It is chock full of ideas to get your customers attention during the autumn season. One of Laura’s tips: Use SEO to your advantage. Do you sell products in fall […]

Are You Funny?

Everyone enjoys a good chuckle.  If you can make your audience laugh and smile as they read your blog, chances are they will return.  If nothing else, they will at the very least finish reading your post.   We enjoy a good laugh, but few of us feel we are funny!  If we are not funny […]

Do You Have Set Working Hours?

Many solopreneurs who choose an online business, do so for the flexibility. They want to work when it suits them. Veronica Kirchoff discusses the distractions of working from home and offers several tips on how to make your work at home experience successful in her post, Designated Work Time For Your Online Business. Veronica points […]

Simplify For Success!

As an online business owner and blogger, sometimes you just can’t help but feel overwhelmed.  Too much to do, too little time and so many ideas.     It is important to focus and save your sanity. A post about an interview with a blogger, a podcaster, and a stay-at-home mom of three who is doing lots […]

Downtime Is Essential


Did you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels and not making any progress?  Perhaps you need a break, a day or two of relaxation!   Seriously, too much work with no downtime not only makes you grouchy, but it is physically bad for your body.  We were not made to be in […]