Dealing With Change

How well do you deal with change?   Some people thrive on change and others will do just about anything to avoid it.  But change is inevitable.  We all have to accept change at various points in our life and career. Debbie O’Grady the Accountability Queen, shares her tips on how to deal with change and […]

Understanding Blog Links For Beginners

Links are something you want to use strategically to drive traffic to specific places. It could be other blog posts, affiliate links, links to other pages on your website or links to products you have created. Knowing and understanding the correct type of link to use is important. Deirdre Smith has compiled the various possible […]

Is Responding With Twitter Video For You?

Twitter Video Responses

Have you ever given video responses on facebook or twitter?  Have you ever received one?  To be honest, I had never thought  much about this till I read this post, Explode Audience Engagement by Using Twitter Video. The author,  Zac Johnson  discusses how using video responses can improve your engagement and that a few people like […]

Going Viral: Tips to Help

Every bloggers dream is to have a post that goes viral.  Going viral isn’t something we can make happen, but we can do some things to improve the odds.  Jerry Low has a guest post over on ProBlogger that provides 10 tips everyone can do to improve your post and if it does become popular, […]

Which Plugins Are Right For Your Site?

Hands holding and point on digi

Do you use plugins on your WordPress site?  Maybe you want to add some and aren’t sure which ones would be best to use?  Katie Horner has a wonderful post about plugins over at Inspired Bloggers Network. She covers the following: WordPress Security Plugins Analytics Plugins WordPress Spam Plugins Productivity Plugins Advertising Plugins WordPress SEO […]