Choosing the Best Fonts for Your Brand

How To Choose Fonts for Your Brand

When it comes to branding yourself as a solopreneur, your font choices tell potential clients a lot about you. A fun, playful font can send the message that you’re a laid-back life coach that solves problems creatively. A large serif font can send the message that you’re a thoughtful life coach that helps people through tough […]

Creating Your Own Schedule

One of the perks of the solopreneur lifestyle is the ability to create your own schedule. You don’t have a boss that you have to ask for time off. You can choose when you work and when you’re unavailable. But you want to make sure that you’re choosing your schedule and not letting other people […]

Is It Time for a Website Audit?

Website Audit for Business

Auditing your website every year is important. It gives you a chance to take a fresh look at your services and products. It helps you see where you can improve your solopreneur business. Katharine writes, Make a list of all your thoughts as you go through the site. If there are pages that you think […]

Design Beautiful Title Graphics

How to Create Title Graphics

Designing beautiful title graphics is tricky. You want to make sure that your graphic catch the attention of your readers. But at the same time, you don’t want your images to be aesthetically overwhelming, either. Thomas writes, One of the most common mistakes I see people make is trying to cram multiple fonts into a […]

Make Your Own Worksheets

Create Your Own Worksheets

Worksheets are a great way to give your community the option to act on your advice. They break down complex tasks into small, manageable pieces. When a potential client uses your worksheet to accomplish something, they associate their success with your name. This means they’ll be more likely to hire you to solve other problems they face. […]

Here’s How to Name Your New Blog or Business

Naming Your Blog or Business

It’s not easy naming your blog or business. There are hundreds of possibilities and sorting through can be challenging. But don’t give up. Allison has some helpful advice on this topic, You want your blog or business name to be something you can identify with. For some, that means using your real name. For others, […]

9 Ways to Make More Money with Your Products


When you create an awesome product that your community loves, it’s natural to turn your attention to your next project. But don’t forget to look for other ways to re-package and re-share your original product. Rachel writes, If you have a mostly video-based course, Udemy can provide some decent passive income. I haven’t madecrazy amounts […]

The Difference Between Video Marketing and TV


As a solopreneur, you may have heard that video marketing is a good tactic to direct traffic to your website. But it’s important that you understand how video marketing differs from TV. Tim Schmoyer, a well-known YouTube consultant, says: In the online video industry some people would call it the difference between a lean-in versus a lean-back […]