Stop Procrastinating and Get Started Now

When it comes to working on your own projects, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You may feel you have too much to learn or you may lack the confidence to get started. So your project sits there, collecting dust. Michael writes, There are probably a million ways to gain traction and get moving, but here’s […]

What to Include in Your About Page

Top 6 Things You Need to Put on Your About Page

When it comes to creating your about page, it can be hard to know what to write. You want the page to represent who you are and what your business is about. One way you can do this is by sharing your credentials. Ponn writes, Anything in your personal background or professional history that makes […]

Speed Up Your Blogging

7 Tips on Writing Good Posts Fast

It’s important to create blog posts that are valuable to your community. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to spend hours writing each post. Ponn shares this tip, Stay focused. The more you stay on topic, the less you’ll have to edit. If you find you’re going off on a tangent, remove it […]

9 Reasons You Should Try Periscope

Periscope is a social media network that’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s an app that lets you broadcast live to your community. Michael writes, I am using Periscope to discuss my blog posts and podcasts. This gives me an opportunity to lead conversations at a much deeper level than what I can do in those other […]

Developing Your Pinterest Strategy

11 Steps to Rock Your Pinterest Strategy! Infographic

Using Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your blog and help you connect with your community. But like all social media networks, having a strategy for Pinterest will help you get the most out of it. Louise shares this tip, When developing your Pinterest strategy try to plan out at least 10 different boards […]

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Building Relationships with Guest Blogging

Despite what you may have heard, guest blogging isn’t dead. It’s still a good way to build your brand and connect with other solopreneurs in your community. Ponn writes, Having influential thinkers pitch in reflects positively on your reputation, and your readers will definitely enjoy the post from another authority. Use guest blogging as an opportunity to build […]

Launch Your Course the Smart Way

Do This Before You Launch Your Online Course

Whether it’s your first or your twelfth product, launching a course is a big deal. You’ll want to spend the weeks before your launch, sharing teasers about your upcoming project. Lisa shares one way to do that, Create a video or blog series related to the topic of your course. Again this will help prime people […]

3 Tips to Avoiding Burnout

Burnout can happen to anyone, even the smartest solopreneur. It’s exhausting and overwhelming to handle so many parts of your business by yourself. That’s why Erin suggests outsourcing, When you outsource basic tasks, or delegate work that sucks your soul (i.e. scanning receipts, scheduling emails, etc), you’re freeing up time to focus on your zones […]

What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Crafting Your Ideal Day—Every Day

Working at home gives you the freedom to create your own schedule. But sometimes, there’s a learning curve to creating a schedule that works for you. Megan writes, Every day may not be perfect, but every day can feel ideal when you shape your day around what you value most. It’s all in your choices […]