Grammar Guide Saves The Day

Sometimes the English language can be a bit confusing.  Even more confusing is punctuation sometimes.   When do I use a colon and when do I use a semi-colon?  I always get them confused.  I know one means a list will follow and the other means there is a pause that is a little longer than […]

Squelch Resistance and Reach Your Goals

Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership blog is overflowing with posts about leadership, productivity, and achievement. In a recent post he discusses how people give up on their resolutions within the first month, why this happens and how to beat the resistance. Michael says: Get the help you need. I don’t know why we make this one so […]

Declutter Your Digital Files

A Cluttered Desktop

Organizing seems to be the word for January.  On Facebook I see people posting about organizing their house, decluttering, organizing their offices, etc.   Are you in an organizing mood?  How about organizing your digital files.   I don’t know about you, but my desktop and other files become terribly cluttered.  Every couple  months I declutter […]

Product Creation: Fly or Fizzle?

Ever wonder why some products are highly successful and others never get off the ground.  I found an interesting post discussing successful product creation over on Boost Blog Traffic by Danny Iny. He discusses why most products and courses fail miserably, the sure-fire strategy for creating winning products, and how to gather vital intelligence about your […]

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to provide an extra income stream for your business. Paul Taubman from has some great ideas on how to be successful with affiliate marketing. Paul says: Offer quality products only. PERIOD. – Promote products that can truly help people get their problems solved. Your reputation is on the line […]

Remove Comments: Maybe Not!

Is your blog bombarded with spam?  Last week I posted, Should You Consider Turning Comments Off.    Some people are suggesting we turn comments off so we don’t have to deal with the spam and negativity and hold the conversation over on Facebook or Twitter where people seem to gravitate and are a bit chattier. Leslie Samual has different […]