Don’t Forget Small Reports

Joan Stewart, while blogging at The Future on Ink, reminds us that Small Reports are still a very useful info product option. One reason mentioned: Because they’re inexpensive, these reports are a great way to let a website visitor sample your offerings without spending a lot of money. And another: Customers looking for help with […]

Drop Kick Mediocrity & Finally Outsource

I found another blog today with a powerful message I couldn’t wait to share with my solopreneur readers! Maggie Patterson writes about needing to let go of activities that someone else can do better. “Life is too short to be mediocre. And really, there’s enough of that going around. Save it for your friends who hate […]

Should I Start Posting Income Reports?

I’ve kept in eye on the income reports posted over here for awhile… Matthew Woodward says: “One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports. So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.” […]

Do You Treat Yourself Well At Work?

My Google Alert for ‘Solopreneur’ served me well today – I found this gem of content about ‘being a good boss’ to ourselves. A quote… “We sit at our desks tip-tapping away at the keys for long hours or running frantically from one activity to the next” I don’t run – but I do sit […]

Advice On Making Decisions

I was invited by Therese Sparby to participate in a Round Table Podcast about Decision Making.  I’m still pinching myself about it, being on with Michelle Scism and Bob Jenkins :) Making decisions is something you are faced with EVERY day… as a matter of fact…. it can be every MOMENT of every day. Wether […]

How Leslie Makes His Content Pop


  I’m working to help content creators make their content look great with every issue of Image Monthly and I love finding blog posts that address how important graphics are to your content.  This one goes deeper, asking you to think about how your blog theme makes your content look and so much more. Read […]

Do You Sabotage Your Happiness?


Rachel Rofe has a new project called ‘A Better Life Podcast’ and I’m happy to have found it. A recent episode covers how we sabotage our happiness.  Rachel says, “We all have success “comfort zones”, and unless you consciously know what’s happening, it’s very easy to unknowingly sabotage the good things that happen to you.” I […]

Get Influencer Attention

I’ve said it for awhile now, but curating is a great way to get attention and make friends. I love that I’m linking to a post that says it’s smart to link to other people ;) 1. Link Out Shamelessly and Unceasingly Referencing another blogger’s content in your blog posts is the simplest, yet one […]