Natalie Explains A Writing Date

Natalie Collins asked on Facebook today what we’d love to see her write about whilst she was out on a Writing Date. Obviously I suggested ‘How to have a Writing Date’ LOL! She was happy to oblige: I love working from home, but the energy shift that happens when I leave the house and go […]

New Food PLR Source: Foodaplenty


There’s a brand new Food PLR site from Alice Seba and Lynette Chandler.  It’s called Foodaplenty and they have some amazing food pics available in addition to recipes you can use :) Pop over there now to claim a free resource: 50 Easy Ways to Grow Your Food Blog:  Get more traffic, build a more loyal audience & […]

What Will You Dare Today?


Learn from someone who actually spends time in the arena! For more on sweating, striving and failing – watch this Ted Talk video.  

Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources


In his newest book Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources Today’s Top Entrepreneurs Use To Increase Productivity and Achieve Their Goals, Nick Loper had more than 500 entrepreneurs contribute their top resources they use to run successful businesses. Experts like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Chris Brogran, and Guy Kawasaki – just to name a few – shared their top […]

Tips For Creating Great Blog Content


Rebekah Radice shares seven steps to crafting your best blog content.  One of her tips: “Steer clear of anything that reeks of a stock photo or doesn’t feel “on brand” for your business.” is going to be tough to take in for many who are relying on stock photos – but don’t take her too […]

Don’t Keep Believing (What Isn’t True)


This is one of my favorite blog posts in quite awhile. Michael Hyatt has written about faulty ‘self limiting’ beliefs.  If I could assign it as home work for every soloprenuer, I would!  Well shoot – I am right now!  Go. Read.  Assimilate!

I Don’t Feel Guilty About My Naps


There’s a guest post over on Leaving Work Behind that grabbed my appreciation.  The writer mentions that she runs out of steam around 3pm.  So do I!  The point is made that it’s silly to try to work when you’re going to be unproductive at best.  I agree – and that’s why I practice long […]

How Do You Use Evernote?


Michael Hyatt has shared some of his creative uses of Evernote.  Evernote is definitely one of those cross over applications, meaning I use it for my personal life as well as my business life.  I love the idea about taking a pic of your printer cartridge so you can remember what you us when you’re […]

Do You Use These Marketing WP Plugins?


Blogelina has shared a tight little list of WordPress Plugins you can use for Marketing on your Blog.  I’m using a couple of them myself!

They May Think We’re Crazy


Friends and family may indeed think we’re out of our minds for starting and running our own businesses – but we know better.  Paul Cooley is sharing some tips for talking about your business with those who care about you.  I especially love #4 :)