Get Influencer Attention

I’ve said it for awhile now, but curating is a great way to get attention and make friends. I love that I’m linking to a post that says it’s smart to link to other people ;) 1. Link Out Shamelessly and Unceasingly Referencing another blogger’s content in your blog posts is the simplest, yet one […]

Want Mass Media To Use You As A Source?


Do you wonder how other people end up getting quoted or have their site referenced in the magazines, on radio and on TV?  Believe it or not, you don’t have to be ‘big time’ to get there. You do have to set yourself up for it and be available. This post from has some […]

More Ideas On Reusing Content

I wrote about recycling older blog content recently.  I believe many blogger who’ve been writing for years could take a break from creating new content for weeks on end – all they have to do is tend to the older content, breathing in new life. This post on TheNextWeb has lots of ideas along these […]

Lacking Creativity?

We all lose our creative drive sometimes… I love these simple ideas shared over on Lori Taylor’s blog. When you’re struggling to be creative, try one of these tricks: Make It Into a Game Head Outdoors Treat Your Obstacles as Puzzles Read the details here: 3 Ways to Relight Your Creative Fire

A Bundle Of Nerves At New Live Events?

Marsha Shandur shares what it’s like for her to attend a live event on her own… The first initiating a conversation is done. I know now that the next one will be slightly less scary, then the third even less, then by lunchtime, I’ll be rolling. It will feel mostly normal to start talking to […]

Can You Be Happier On Purpose?

I’m a pretty happy gal and mostly because I choose to be.   I like to think I’m more productive and successful because I’m mostly able to manage my attitude. It isn’t always easy and I know quite a few who struggle with it, so when I stumbled on this great bit of content today I […]

Masterful Blog Traffic Resource

This is a darned meaty blog post promising: “100+ tactics including social media, search engines, email, joint ventures and more… to drive traffic to your blog and websites.” Seriously, it’s incredibly packed! Read: The Ultimate Guide on How to get More Blog Traffic.

Work With Others & See More Blog Traffic

I found this great look at how crowd sourcing content for your blog brings in great extra traffic. A snip: If you are tired of blogging to yourself, try (group) interviews because you’ll suddenly see people out there: clicks, comments and shares. It’s really motivating as well if you feel like you are ready to […]

Keep Them On Your Blog

We all dream of having blog visitors hooked on our every word and imagine they’re all reading every post from top to bottom – but that’s not at all true. Heidi says: The first 10 seconds of a visit determine whether a reader will stay or leave.  New visitors continue to have a high possibility […]

Can You Copy Your Competitors?

Can actually copying your competitor be a smart business move? Sure! If you can improve on what they’re doing – or come at it from a different angle – it’s darned smart. Check out this post from The Engaging Brand, Anna says: Business innovation does not have to be about inventing from scratch, it is […]