How to Finish That Big Project

6 Steps to Get Anything Done

It’s hard to tackle big projects. Even if you know it’s going to grow your business, some projects can still feel overwhelming. It might be that you’re looking to launch your first paid project or start a membership site. Megan Flatt shared how to finish projects that you’ve been working on. Megan says, So often the […]

Does Your Business Slow in the Summer?

What You Need to Know About Summer Slow Down

Some solopreneurs find that during the summer, they have less going on. Clients are on vacation, kids are home, and it’s easy to take time away from your business. Racheal Cook wrote an interesting blog post about why that’s a bad idea. Instead of kicking back, Racheal encourages busy solopreneurs to use the summer months […]

Transform Your Blog Posts into E-Books

How to Expand a Blog Post Into a Book

Turning a few blog posts into an e-book can grow your business. You’ll have a new product to sell or giveaway. You’ll look like an expert and you’ll expand your brand. Regina Anaejionu shares her advice on how to use blog posts to jumpstart your e-book: When expanding on posts that already exist for free […]

Creating Your Services Page


Many solopreneurs offer a range of services. You might offer clients graphic design packages, complete website renovations, or copywriting. But your offering doesn’t matter if visitors don’t know what you do or how you can help their business. In a recent blog post, Katharine shares, “…the average online readers spends 7 seconds on a web […]

How Many Bios Do You Have?

Solo Smarts Quckie

Writing your bio can be hard. It’s selling potential clients on why you’re the expert they want to work with. Once you have written a bio, you might be tempted to use the same one on your blog, on your social media profiles, and on media sites. But Rochelle Moulton recommends having more than one […]

Manage Your Pinterest Account Easily with These Tools


Pinterest is a social network where users can ‘pin’ their favorite images and videos to ‘boards’ they’ve created. If you haven’t been on the website, think of it as a virtual bulletin board. Users can have multiple boards for each area of their life. Many businesses and solopreneurs have used Pinterest to successfully drive traffic […]

Dealing With Change

How well do you deal with change?   Some people thrive on change and others will do just about anything to avoid it.  But change is inevitable.  We all have to accept change at various points in our life and career. Debbie O’Grady the Accountability Queen, shares her tips on how to deal with change and […]

Understanding Blog Links For Beginners

Links are something you want to use strategically to drive traffic to specific places. It could be other blog posts, affiliate links, links to other pages on your website or links to products you have created. Knowing and understanding the correct type of link to use is important. Deirdre Smith has compiled the various possible […]

Is Responding With Twitter Video For You?

Twitter Video Responses

Have you ever given video responses on facebook or twitter?  Have you ever received one?  To be honest, I had never thought  much about this till I read this post, Explode Audience Engagement by Using Twitter Video. The author,  Zac Johnson  discusses how using video responses can improve your engagement and that a few people like […]