Win. Fail. Give. May 4, 2012


Evaluation time here at Solo Smarts.  It has been more than two months since the last Win. Fail. Give. so I have a lot to share. The Wins: It’s been an awesome couple of months in my business. I have busied myself applying the ideas and strategies picked up at the NAMS event in February […]

Win. Fail. Give. February 24, 2012


How hard is it for you to self evaluate?  I was listening to an audio from NAMS yesterday and the speaker (Jack Born) mention keeping journals as a good business strategy.  He said it helps you to not fool yourself in retrospect because it’s easy to remember things in a favorable light when some time […]

Win. Fail. Give. January 6, 2012


This week has been so awesome.  I celebrated my tenth anniversary in business on the internet and have to thank all of you who have sent such nice congratulatory messages – I appreciate them! Today I was looking back at the earliest posts on this blog which are from 2005 – and I got totally […]

Win. Fail. Give. December 30, 2011 [End of Year Evaluation]


“I just can’t DO 2011 anymore”  I heard this snippet of dialog on the TV today while I was getting a pedi :)  (Woohoo!) The line made me smile and totally agree.  I am SO OVER 2011!  It’s been a rough year but I have to say it’s ended up pretty well. Since it is […]

Win. Fail. Give. December 16, 2011


If you know me, you know that Focus is one of my favorite themes. Being focused in business is my goal, but it’s not a perfect science.  I am always trying new things. Ideas come along, I set out to explore them and then often find myself months later on a path I didn’t plan […]

Win. Fail. Give. December 9, 2011


How many habits do you set out to establish that end up fizzling?  It’s the human condition for certain but we solopreneurs are particularly susceptible to setting goals and then getting distracted from seeing them through. Ok, well instead of saddling the entire solopreneur community with it, I’ll just admit that I have this problem. […]

Win. Fail. Give. November 11, 2011


What will you remember about 11-11-11? Surely you’ll remember that it was a Friday, but what else? Did you start something?  Did you finish something? Did you spend quality time with someone you love? The day’s not over, it isn’t too late to do something to remember. This Week’s Win: I was very productive and […]

Win. Fail. Give. October 28, 2011


Today marks the end of a couple of blisteringly busy weeks – I have been talking non-stop it seems and I’m ready to take a break from it for a few days. Before I go dark, here’s my Win. Fail. Give for this week: This Week’s Win: What makes me feel like a Super Hero […]

Win. Fail. Give. October 21, 2011


What a great week I’ve had.  Busy and full! I’m glad to pause and take a look back. This Weeks Win:  A couple of weeks ago I shared that I cleaned out my Twitter account and made some lists so that I could better manage my time on that social network.  This past week I […]

Win. Fail. Give. October 14, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I’m back with another Win. Fail. Give. post.  My ongoing goal here is to encourage you to identify what’s working (do more of it), what’s flopping (stop that) and come up with ideas to give freely to your target market. This Week’s Win:  I love ‘group sourced’ blog posts.  A topic is […]