The Power of One on One Coaching

maruxa-testimonialHey Smart Solopreneur,

Are you willing to work hard up front so you can work way less later? Is being of high value more important than going for the fast buck?

Are you ready to do what it takes and forget about the easy way out?

You sound like my kind of client.

I’m not like most coaches, I believe in getting my hands dirty.

I’m with you in the trenches for as long as you want me.

I’ve got answers. I’ve got advice. I’m ready with an opinion too.

Most of all I’m here to support you – which means I’ve also got a swift boot for your behind should it ever be needed.

When you’re ready – let’s get busy!


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Kicking Off The Coaching Relationship

Everything starts with you completing a detailed questionnaire and then we book a call for getting to know each other better.  We’ll decide what needs our focus and follow this up with a planning session where we’ll create a timeline and begin to break projects into tasks.

Staying In Touch

I’m available to you for follow up questions and feedback as needed, Monday through Friday.  Most issues are easily managed via email/text but we jump on the phone or Skype when needed.  My preferred lines of communication are Email and Skype Chat.

Monthly Virtual Coffee

At the end of every month we’ll get on the phone for a personal check in.  I want to hear how you feel about your progress overall and take a moment to celebrate what’s been scratched off your list.


For as long as you’re in my Coaching Program you have the opportunity to come spend an eight hour day with me during each quarter.  These are wonderful for planning, brainstorming and building you up personally.  You can come visit me in Michigan or we can meet a day early for an event we’re both attending. (You’re responsible for your own travel, accommodations and meals – as am I.)

You do not have to take advantage of the VIP Day but it’s highly recommended.

Monthly Payments

You’re making a Quarterly commitment when you become a client.  I do offer monthly payments but it is not a monthly program.  When you sign up or renew, you agree to meet your follow up payments on time – regardless of your use of coaching benefits.

Quarterly Renewal

As long as we’re both 100% positive that our Coaching Relationship is working to your benefit, I’ll welcome your quarterly renewal and by ‘welcome’, I mean – I’ll throw a little “woohoo we rock!” party and look forward to another incredible three months of smart progress and great results :)