The Power of One on One Coaching

Are You Ready To Hustle?

kelly-purple-2015I’m a big fan of Hustle.

As a Smart Solopreneur, I know when to Hustle, how long to Hustle and who to Hustle with – all so I can create long stretches of Hustle-Free Time… enjoying friends. family and travel.

I love helping other Solopreneurs find a focus for their Hustle, so they can do the same.

I invite you to coach with me for the next year.

flash-focusWe’ll get together every month for a 60 Minute Coaching Call and in between those calls you have access to me for questions, feedback and advice.  Yep, every business day you can email, Skype chat or Voxer me for quick input that keeps you powering forward.

Together we’ll find clarity for your situation so you can keep your Hustle focused.


You’ll Also Be Joining My Community

All of my clients and customers have access to a private forum at Solo Smarts.  Visit as often as you like, posting request for feedback, brainstorm, show of your own smarts.  It’s a great community and I’m positive you’ll make it even more awesome.

That’s Exactly What I Want Kelly!

Hurray! I’m so glad and can’t wait to welcome you!

So, here’s how we get started.

If you know that you know you’re ready to make a full year commitment, go ahead and choose the single pay option.  You’ll save over $600 that way.

If you prefer to take it month by month, choose the monthly option and you’re securing your rate against price increases for a full 12 months.  In my experience, monthly clients stay an average of eight months – what’s important to me is that we accomplish the goals you came in with.  However long that takes, it’s my pleasure to be there with you.

As soon as you complete signup, you’ll receive access to my coaching intake form and a link to book your first call.

I’m looking forward to it!

I Understand I’m Gaining Access To You In These Ways:

Monthly Private One on One Phone Calls
Business Daily Private Email, Skype Chat or Voxer Contact
Lifetime Private Community Forum Access

One Payment of $2997.00
(Or Pay $297 Per Month for up to 12 Months)