How I Collected Handwritten Event Testimonials To Use Online

livescribeIn Toronto last month I wanted to collect testimonials from my event attendees in the moment.  It’s common to see someone taping video testimonials during an event and while that’s certainly ideal, but I didn’t have a videographer.

I could have set up an online feedback form and asked attendees to go to the URL, but I know I tend to think ‘I’ll do that later’ and forget.

Fortunately, I had an idea to do it differently.

At the end of each day, as my panel answered questions, I passed around my Livescribe Pen and Notepad.  I asked everyone to write their thoughts about the event and what they were learning just as if they were writing me a personal note.

The Results Were Fun!  


How engaging is it to see Ronnie’s remarks in his own handwriting with is own emphasis – right down to a smiley face ;)


I can’t tell you how much I’ll treasure these notes personally – let alone how valuable they will be to my marketing efforts for future events.


You can read more feedback on the Exposure & Profit website.

Yep, I could have passed a regular pen and paper.  I could have taken the pages home, scanned them in and produced the same result.  Honestly though, I think the ‘high tech’ nature of the Livescribe is what attracted so many testimonials.  

There are many more uses for the Livescribe Pen but this is one of my faves.

How would you use a Livescribe at a live event?


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    Hey Kelly!

    Did you know you can transcribe with it? It’s called Myscript for Livescribe: All the reviews say to use up the full 30-day free trial before purchasing it, but it’s cheap anyways.

    We’re also curious how well it works, because we always wanted to get it but now the newest Livescribe 3 is Apple-specific and does not have an audio recorder. We can still buy the older version which can be used with PC and Mac, but that version will ultimately not be supported.
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