Private Label Rights Articles

PLR Articles are like those little fire starter logs you buy to kick start your fireplace.  They give you more than ideas – they give you momentum towards creating your own unique content.

My opinions on PLR are this:

PLR articles and reports are great IF you make them your own.  PLR products that get sold pretty much as is - suck! Always rewrite the content, add your own opinions and flavor.

If you buy something that comes with sales materials or graphics – always have your own graphics created – never use what they give you without dramatically changing them. (Unless you like looking like everyone else?)

My Favorite Resources for PLR Content:

  • Easy PLR – I helped launch this great original source for niche PLR content.  You select packs of article based on the exact topics you need.
  • All Private Label Content – You can subscribe to niche content memberships or you can select packs by topic here.
  • Yummy PLR – This is an ‘all food’ related PLR membership.
  • Special Report Club – PLR in the form of special reports about internet marketing.
  • Mom PLRNew! PLR just for your mom readers.

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