What Are You Doing To Grow Your Mailing List?

Are you still procrastinating about your mailing list?

Lots of people are.

If you’re giving time and effort to social media and driving traffic to your site – but there’s no list for these visitors to join… you’re missing it!

Watch this quick video from Alice Seba on Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business.

If you do have a list, hurray!!

Next question:  What are you doing to grow it?

In all the years I’ve been blogging and podcasting, I’ve been growing a mailing list.  Sometimes it grows slow, sometimes it grows fast.  If it ever stops growing, or if it shrinks – I’m in big trouble.

Your email list deserves your attention and effort and I’ve got a great recommend for you on that subject.

Alice is offering a 30 Day Email Challenge.

30 Days to a Bigger Mailing List, Better Relationships and More Results…Starting Now

Here’s what’s involved:

  • You’ll get a daily push from Alice to focus on one list-building and one email writing activity each day. (This will get you out of your comfort zone and focused on activities that are most beneficial to you and your list.)
  • There is a platform for you to ask questions, interact, get feedback, etc.
  • You can expect a bunch of helpful extras – templates, brainstorming sheets, etc.
  • You’ll also get live access to Alice through two Google+ Hangouts where you can discuss your progress.

I love challenges like this and since Alice really knows her stuff, I trust her to deliver you the best list building advice – up to date and realistic, even for newcomers.

Go ahead, check it out and get signed up.  (You won’t believe how inexpensive it is!)

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