How 13 Solopreneurs Pushed Themselves Recently

push-yourself-fartherYesterday I invited my list community to tell me about some way they’ve PUSHED themselves in the last week and I’m ecstatic to find my inbox blowing up with replies.

Several expressed their pride in having something to report – even something small.  I’m celebrating every forward step with them because I know that success ultimately comes as a result of many small steps.

Faydra fought back from an unexpected contract change and focused on how she could re-purpose her time and effort for a better future outcome.

Sometimes those mental battles are the toughest!

Amy: is taking advantage of her hubby being out of town to get some extra work hours in at night after the kids are in bed.

Way to go Amy!

Patrysha: pushed herself to create and send out speaker ‘One Sheets’ to all of the Chamber of Commerce offices within a three hour driving range.

Now that looks an awful lot like HUSTLE.

Cheryl: joined Solo Masterminds this week and has been studying Plan Your Offer Funnel. “The result is that I have my funnel fleshed out”

Having that overview will help you focus!

Tonia: has been getting up at 5:30am to get her blogging done for the day before her daughter is up and ready to homeschool.

The early blogger gets the worm!

Lee Ann: “Recently I had sent an email to a broadcaster asking to be a guest on his radio program. I waited almost a week; no response. So, I picked up  the phone and called him. And….it worked! I’m booked for April 25th to do a guest spot on his program.”

That’s being pro-active!

Glennette: I pushed myself this week to get my first course published on Udemy!

Udemy seems like a great opportunity!

Carol: “I pushed myself to do an intro webinar for a new course and a call to action to join me for the live follow-up workshop. Even though I didn’t have everything ready as far as a nice sales page, I didn’t want to put it off and have someone else do it while I was still trying to make things perfect.”

That’s a great attitude :)

Lori: I gave a presentation to the local Rotary Club about my consulting business. It was the first time I really told business owners (my primary market) about my business. It was a big deal for me. I was very nervous at the start, there was a tiny delay with the projector, but once I got over that I knew my subject matter and was able to confidently answer questions. And next week I am travelling to Atlanta to NAMS for my first live event.

Hurrah for stepping out of your comfort zone! (And I’ll see you at NAMS!)

Michelle: “I really, really pushed myself this week! From spending *actual* money on my business by joining Solo Masterminds, to picking up the phone and calling Cindy and Traci tonight, I’m all out of my comfort zone, and embracing it!”

You’re so smart to take advantage of every opportunity!

Jan: “I pushed myself this week to start a daily podcast called Got KAOS? Your 5 Minute Fix.”

You’ll be so glad you’re doing this!

Mindy: “I have been making sure I comment on several blogs every day. Taking your advice from your blogging course :) It’s making me feel more
confident that I can get to know people and further my business at the same time.”

Way to be visible on other blogs!

William: “Thank you for the PUSH – I needed it. One Way I have pushed myself this week was to FINALLY introduced myself in the forum.”

We’re happy to have you at Solo Masterminds!

How about you?

Leave us a comment and share what you’ve done to push yourself lately!


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    Thanks Kelly, I AM glad already! It’s amazing how things snowball in the right direction when you do something that feels right (and know that you should have been doing!)

    As with almost everything that is worth doing, it seems first you need to believe that you CAN do it and that it will take you forward in what ever your goal, then you need to make the effort to put aside time so that you DO do it. If it doesn’t work out you will never need to wonder if…

    btw, your Image Monthly ‘push’ looks awesome, I joined right away, – it is going to be extremely useful!
    Jan Ferrante recently posted..How Much Do You Need?My Profile

  2. says

    Thanks Kelly for encouraging us to share and thereby pushing us to push one another. I published my first e-book in November 2013. Ironically, this digital publication resulted in a number of requests for a paperback version. I pushed myself to publish the e-book in paperback so that a dean at a major university could distribute 100 copies to her freshmen students for the spring semester. Although it was something that I did not plan to do and was also a great deal of additional work, I felt both pride and satisfaction when I delivered the books to her office last week.

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