I Want You To Know About Sell PLR Plugins

There’s new PLR come to town and it’s not web content!

PLR does not = content, but many naturally relate it that way.  PLR = Articles, Reports, etc. Well, PLR (Private Label Rights) is a license that can be applied to just about anything someone wants to sell.  Graphics, videos and now – WordPress Plugins.

Sell PLR Plugins is a partnership between tech genius Lynette Chandler and PLR Seller Melissa Ingold.

If you hang out on a certain huge marketing forum you have probably already seen WordPress Plugins offered with PLR, but for the rest of you, this may be a brand new idea. If it is, I’m glad for the chance to introduce you to the possibilities.

PLR is only worth the cost if you have to need the content and you’re able to leverage it’s use, right?  Well, that’s very true in this case as well. The person who is going to be able to leverage these WordPress PLR Plugins is probably working with WordPress as part of their business – or they’re reaching people who do.

Let’s take a close look at their first PLR Plugin being offered.  (Can I brag that I’m the person who gave Lynette the idea for this one? I am!)

This Duplicate Examiner plugin defies what I said about it being useful to those who work with WordPress, this one is – but more than that it’s useful to anyone who buys PLR for their blog and those who sell PLR.  The Duplicate Examiner plugin helps you track how much difference there is between the original PLR and your re-written version so you know you’ve changed the content enough to be considered unique and all this is done conveniently inside the WordPress post screen.

What comes with the plugin when you buy PLR rights?

Not just the plugin, you also get tools for marketing it:

  • Fully formatted HTML sales letter
  • Full formatted HTML thank you page
  • Installation and usage guide (DOC and PDF)
  • Box shot graphics (JPG and PSD)

What can you do with it?

  1. Add to your paid membership site as a member’s only perk
  2. Offer as a bonus for customers
  3. Offer as a bonus for customers buying from your affiliate link (Perfect for promoting WordPress Premium Themes)
  4. Give it to your coaching clients
  5. Build your email list
  6. Use on your own sites
  7. Add value to your WordPress design services by including the plugin in your package
  8. Add value to websites you flip by including the plugin
  9. Hire a programmer and have them improve your plugin by adding other PLR content to it

Who should grab this plugin right now, before it sells out?

If you sell PLR, grab it.

If you buy PLR, grab it.

If you sell Plugins, grab it.

If you reach marketers who do any of the above, grab it!

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