I’m a Blessed Solopreneur

So you know I had this big sale last week.  I shared that I have medical expenses coming up to treat my thyroid and had a goal of selling $3000 to $5000 as quickly possible to cover everything.

I put everything at Solo Smarts up for sale at half price by giving everyone a coupon code.

Well, the sale went awesome!  My own list was wonderfully responsive, but the orders really started flowing in when Nicole Dean (my friend and affiliate)  jumped in and started promoting the sale.

By Sunday night I had nearly $2500 in sales. Whoo!

I had promised my affiliates to pay out their commissions at the stroke of midnight, partly to inspire them to act last minute and partly because I wanted to get their money out of my hands so I could see what I had left to work with.  I was going to be sending Nicole a nice big chunk of change and couldn’t wait!

As midnight crept up this happens…

[9/30/2012 11:58:18 PM] Nicole Dean: Don’t send me my commissions from September.
[9/30/2012 11:58:26 PM] Nicole Dean: Put them towards your med bills.
[9/30/2012 11:58:42 PM] Nicole Dean: That was my plan all along. But didnt want to tell you til the money was in your account.
[9/30/2012 11:58:45 PM] Kelly McCausey: Do not say that!
[9/30/2012 11:58:45 PM] Nicole Dean: Night. I’m off.
[9/30/2012 11:58:52 PM] Kelly McCausey: You stink pot
[9/30/2012 11:58:59 PM] Nicole Dean: Can’t hear you…
[10/1/2012 12:00:23 AM] Nicole Dean: I’m off to bed. Sleep. well. If you try to pay me, I’ll refund. Night. LOVE YOU.

I cried happy tears but I’ll blame that on my thyroid issues ;)

Nicole is just like that.  I can’t even be surprised!

If I weren’t the blessed recipient today, I’d still be blogging about it because I love hearing about acts of kindness in our world.

The very next morning, Nicole was at it again.

Read all about a friend of ours fighting breast cancer and a FB post that has turned into a Zazzle store here.

By the way, as of today I hit my $3000 goal – now I’m on to hit the $5000 :)


  1. Kelly, you are such a giver…..I’ve followed and seen you in action. This is the perfect example of good things coming back to good people. This is just one more example of why I love being associated with you and the people with whom you do business. You have truly surrounded yourself with the very best kind of people because of who YOU are. I love the Zazzle store you two created to help a friend….I love how you all support one another. You are all an inspiration!

  2. Awe, this story just warms my heart. You are both caring, giving and amazing business women. So happy your sale turned out good for you.
    Melody Thacker recently posted..The Easiest Turkey PieMy Profile

  3. OMG. You posted our Skype conversation. Too funny!

    Kel, you inspire me to be a better person. I’m just glad it came full circle and I got to bless you this time. after all of the countless blessings our friendship has brought me. :)

    Love you bunches.
    Nicole Dean recently posted..How to Write an Article or Awesome Blog Post in 30 Minutes or LessMy Profile

  4. Kelly – this is such a GREAT post! Thank you for sharing it. You know sometimes it’s just nice to read about people being kind and compassionate because they can!!! That makes me admire you – and Nicole Dean – even more.

  5. Love reading this post. I agree with Lori…you’re reaping the blessing from your own giving. Nicole is such a giver too! I remember how she surprised all of her affiliates once with a cash bonus…just “because” she cares about us. It made my day!
    Rhonda recently posted..Black Friday Sale – FREE PLR GraphicMy Profile

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