Join Me At NAMS8? Price Increase Coming Next Week

Me finding out what I won from the NAMS Affiliate Contest :)

There are a few things I do every day in my business.

Check email, stats, analytics, monitor social media, write a little (or a lot) – and wish it were August so I can go back to NAMS :)

If you haven’t been, you probably think I’m a dork.

NAMS is like summer camp when you’re a kid.  If you’ve never been, you’re a little freaked about it.  Once you’ve been, you don’t want to come home and can’t wait to go back.

I’m your typical introverted solopreneur.  I like working at home and enjoy being alone.  I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest.

But I LOVE Going To NAMS!

For a few days I’m an extroverted socialite, spending as much time meeting new people and hanging out with online pals as I can.

I don’t know if you’re planning to come to NAMS in August but I wanted to make sure you know the price is going up this coming Monday, April 16th.

Right now tickets are only $97 for MyNAMS members and a MyNAMS membership is only $14.97 per month.

Starting on Monday, the tickets will cost $197 for members and I think the monthly membership cost is going up as well.  (David just extended the $97 price tag through April 22nd!)

Here are two different links for you to choose from:

Use either one and after you sign up, you can buy your NAMS8 ticket inside the member area. Just be sure to secure it before Monday!

NAMS Is More Than A Social Event, Right?

I tend to put emphasis on the social nature of NAMS and I know I don’t do it justice that way.   The event IS social – but it’s so much more.  It’s a powerful daily dose of learning and business inspiration.  Anyone who wants expert input for their business projects can get it just by raising their hand.

Hopefully you’re giving it some serious consideration right now – just don’t wait too long.  You don’t want to pay more than you have to for your ticket!

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