Know Your Site Visitors Like Netflix Knows You


Netflix knows what you watch.

They track and make viewing suggestions based on your habits.   Now they’re even letting families create profiles based on individual viewing patterns so they can make better matches.  Hopefully it will put a stop to the horror flicks they’ve been offering me. (It’s my adult son who craves that sort of movie, not me.)

Sometimes tracking software creeps me out.  When Facebook shows me ads about *insert personal issue here* after I search and browsed for it via Google, it makes me blush.   When retargeting ads from Gwynnie Bee follow me around the internet, I’m vaguely annoyed. (I signed up already!)

Being carefully tracked by Netflix doesn’t bother me.  I love that they’re paying close attention.  I enjoy being offered similar content.  (And I love getting great programs like House of Cards!)  The more content they offer me that suits my interests, the more time I spend on Netflix.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

It’s That Simple For You & Your Site Visitors Too

We all have easy access to incredible site statistics via Google Analytics.  Are you using them?

You too can see what your people are enjoying most and deliver more of the same.  

You too can create loyal fans who want to keep coming back.  It’s not as hard as you might think.

I have a product that teaches you how to understand and use your Google Analytics from a Content Marketing point of view.  For the next 30 days I’m offering a Coaching Upgrade that will help those unfamiliar with this resource become familiar and make plans to put their valuable stats to good use.

Check out Know Your Blog Stats!


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