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open-phones-ecover-250Offering Open Phones

Need to find new clients? Want to connect to more of the people in your circle?  Open Phones is a fun and easy way to make it happen.  Grab the resource here.

Personality Types in Business

Want to make smarter business decisions? I’ve got a sure fire way to equip you for it and that’s knowing your Personality Type.  When you know yourself better and know how your personality mixes and blends with others, you make better decisions about your business.  Grab the course here.

List Building Round Table

How would you like to spend most of a day hanging out with some of the smartest internet marketers with one hot topic on the agenda? I put together an amazing List Building Round Table: Susanne Myers, David Perdew, Nicole Dean and Lain Ehmann. Pick up the recordings here.

Rapid Report Club

Learn the power of small reports for building up your list and your offer funnel.  Angela Wills and I guide you through creating three small reports in three months. One to give away, one to sell and one to publish on Kindle.  Get registered here.

Round Table Influence (Small Report)

I’ve discovered a new podcast format that makes content creation exciting again and has the added benefit of fostering great new relationships within your niche.  Learn more here.

Attract Awesome Podcast Guests (Small Report)

One common objection I hear from those who haven’t started a podcast is this:  ”What if I can’t get any good guests?’ What if I could settle your fears on that?  Would you go ahead and start that podcast?  Grab it here.

The Power of a Focused Business


I made pursuit of focus a major priority in business back in 2005. At the time I chased multiple streams of income in willy-nilly unfocused way.  I was making money, but working too hard.  When I got serious about my target market and identified my true profit earning activities, within a year I made more money while working less.  That’s when my business started to take off.  Learn more here.

Topics on Target Membership

In this unique monthly membership I will demonstrate the power of brainstorming topics that reach out and address a ‘real felt need’ for your target market.  When you create content that grabs them in an area that means the most, they’ll pay attention and feel drawn to experience more from you.  Join here!

Stretch Yourself Challenge Workshop

When your ready to expand your borders and put yourself in front of more of the people who need you!  The Stretch Yourself Challenge is all about motivating you to be more visible by putting yourself out there with great content & a more social attitude.  Join up today!

Know Your Blog Stats Workshop

When you know your stats well and know what do with the information you can please the search engines and make great decisions about new content.  I love showing you how this is done.  Learn more and sign up here.

Plan Your Offer Funnel Workshop

A planned out set of offers that pull perfect potential clients in and leads them step by step from opting into a mailing list to trusting us with their hard earned cash.  Learn more and start planning out your offer funnel.

ipadverticalright-smSmart Curation Skills

Curation Is A Potent Traffic, Content & Relationship Building Strategy! I’ve found three ways to approach it that have been bringing me quality results and I’ll show you real examples of what I’m doing in all areas.  Dig in and learn more.

Smart Blogging Skills

My updated and expanded blogging course! I’m so proud of this one. Blogging is above all else a social activity and that’s the one element missing from most business blogs.  My course teaches you powerful, positive habits that help you make your blog social and profitable. Check out all of the topics here.

Smart Podcasting Skills

I’ve been hosting a show that promotes my business since 2003. My six week course that guides you through brainstorming and launching your own podcast.  From recording to promoting, this is the help you need to get started.  Learn more about it here.

42 Day Launch Incubator

I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone say, ‘I want to create an info product, I just need to find the time.’  The problem is, they never do find the time.  I think they’re imaging that it’s going to be a big long process, months and months of effort – and sometimes it is.   But I’ve got a plan that takes just six weeks.

Kelly's First Multi-Speaker Live Event Is Coming To Toronto May 16-18th:  Exposure & Profit