My Solopreneur’s Christmas Wish List


I didn’t spend any money at the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales – but I was tempted.

What would I have loved to fill my virtual cart with?  Here’s my Solopreneur’s Christmas Wish List!

Cool Stuff

Portable Standing Desk

I really like the idea of having one of these as an alternative to sitting at my desk.

40 Inch Smart TV

Because I don’t get enough online screen time between my three computer screens, my iPhone and my iPod Mini, right?

I’d want this wall mounted of course.

Bluetooth Headset for my iPhone

I can’t believe I still don’t have one of these.  The main reason is fear of choosing the wrong one.

Apple Macbook Pro

I will be needing a good laptop this spring and I sure would love it to be a MacBook Pro.  I get intimidated when I shop for them though.  When regular laptops are so much less expensive, these Apples seem to stay ridiculously pricey!

Still, there has to come a time when you just go for the best.


Ok, ok! I’ve been won over by the Keurig.  I actually had one a couple of years ago and I didn’t like it – I was convinced every cup of coffee tasted a bit like plastic.  Well, in the last year I’ve had quite a few great cups of coffee from my friend’s Keurigs and I’ve decided I want one again.

I have a little brewer that uses Senseo pods and it works quite well, but the pods can only found online anymore and there’s no selection when compared to the massive variety offered in K-cups.


Digital Products

I am not easily tempted by learning resources, software and memberships but there’s always a few that I’d like to pick up.

Earn 1K a Day Insider’s Club Lifetime Membership

Dennis Becker’s online community is top notch. My mouse hovered over that order button for a long time yesterday! I’m paying $50 per month and would love to nab the Lifetime option so that I never have to decide about it again.  I consider the price well worth it too.

Lead Pages

This software tool looks pretty cool.  I’m not interested in the WordPress Sales/Squeeze Page plugins I’ve seen but this one stands out because it doesn’t require WordPress to be used.  It’s fairly pricey and it’s set up on a membership model, that’s why I haven’t just gone for it yet.

Live Events

Platform Conference.

I heard Ray Edwards sharing some of his takeaways from the recent Platform Conference.  If they have another one, I’d sure like to go.

World Domination Summit.

I’ve heard great things about this event in Portand, OR over and over this year.

Content Marketing World

I like the looks of this one mostly because it’s close enough to drive to – and of course I’m a content marketer ;)


These are certainly not far out of my reach but they’re not on my Kindle yet so I’ll mention them here.

So, Why Not Just Buy Everything?

Hey Kelly, you’ve had a good year – why are these things on your Wish List and not already in your hands?

Great question.  It HAS been a good year for me. I COULD buy a bunch of this stuff…

I won’t though.

One of my goals for this year was to become debt free again.  I’ve made excellent progress, but I’m not 100% out of the hole yet.  I still owe the hospital a tidy sum and until I get that taken care of, I’m just not going to feel comfortable throwing money around on extras.

My 22 inch TV will do fine. My little coffee pod brewer will keep serving me well.  I’ll get by with my little laptop… I don’t NEED this stuff.

Stuff can be nice but it can also distract you from what matters most and in my way of thinking, none of it will feel as good as being able to say ‘I’m Debt FREEEEEEE!‘ again soon :)

How about you? What’s on your Wish List and what smart ways are you prioritizing your budget?


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    Like you, I want most of the things on your list, but I also had a goal. To build a small house, and we’re doing that so I am not going to spend out extra money until we’ve done that. Plus, all next year I’m spending extra money on furniture and household things. But, in 2015 I plan to start going to live events for sure. I can’t wait. I love dreaming though, and looking at the things that I will do and have later, because I know for a fact that I’ll get right where I want to be.
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