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image-monthly-001-3dThere’s a brand new product here at Solo Smarts.  It’s ultra affordable and useful for a wide market of bloggers and marketers.  If you’re using graphics regularly, or know you should be, you’re going to love having this:  Image Monthly.

Way back in 2002, I earned my first $5 on the web making a button graphic for a client.  Having a basic set of design skills proved to be very useful online and it led to hundreds of client projects in the months and years to come.

Today, I no longer provide design services to others for pay.  I bit the bullet (and dropped the security blanket) and sold my design brand to someone else last year.  I still LOVE design though.  I make my own graphics here at Solo Smarts and likely always will.  It provides a satisfying creative outlet for me.

Back when I was busy making banners and buttons for clients, it was mostly about advertising.  Images were for sidebars and headers.  As the web got faster, we’ve been able to use more and more beautiful images in our content.  

Now, It’s Very Nearly A Requirement

  • We NEED images in our content.  Images draw the eye and help to support the message of our words.  The best images invite more Likes, Shares & Pins from social savvy readers.
  • We NEED images of the physical products we sell.  You can’t imaging buying something without seeing it first, right?  As digital cameras and smart phones with decent cameras have become more common, we’re less tolerant of crappy images – we expect something that shows clear detail.
  • Smart information marketers know they NEED images to represent digital products too, like the image I’ve created to represent Image Monthly.  It tells you something about the product, it’s format & length for one.  (Image Monthly is a small report that can be read in one or two sittings.)


We know we NEED graphics – but oh, don’t we often struggle with them?

Finding images can be a glorious time suck as anyone who’s ever lost an hour to a royalty stock photo site knows.  I can’t promise to fix that particular issue – but I can help with related issues and point you to the best sources, tools and time savers.

That’s What I’m Doing In Image Monthly

Every month I’ll be publishing an issue with current recommends and examples.  We’re testing and writing our own reviews and even making video demonstrations to help you understand how our recommends work.

I’m also taking some extra steps and delivering you bonus graphics that you can take and make use of right away.

Right now, an Image Monthly subscription is only $5 per month.  Grab your subscription now and you won’t miss a single issue :)


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