New Small Report: Attracting Awesome Podcast guests

One common objection I hear from those who haven’t started a podcast is this:  “What if I can’t get any good guests?’

What if I could settle your fears on that?  Would you go ahead and start that podcast?

It all starts with making a ‘Dream Guest List’ then working a simple plan for approaching them.

Three Tips To Act On Right Away

#1 Court Them In A Natural Way.

When someone has hundreds of followers who comment on every blog post, social bookmarks every article, and responds to every Tweet they send it can seem impossible for you to be the person that will catch their eye. If you are too aggressive in trying to make contact with them then you might turn them off but if you are too passive than there is no way you will ever get in their line of sight. There is a balance there and you CAN find it.

#2 Make It Easy To Be Your Guest.

Be ready to do all of the legwork so that they don’t have to. Get all of the podcast materials ready for them in advance and give your guest a good portion of your time. If you need to jump through hoops for them – do it!  Remember, your guest gets invitations like this every day – you want to be the person that impresses them.

#3 Have a Great Looking Podcast Site.

One thing that successful solopreneurs hold in the highest regard is their reputation. If you have a podcast that looks like it was just thrown together or has long periods of radio silence then your guest might not feel comfortable being a part of it.

attract-guestsMy Attract Awesome Podcast Guests Report Includes:

  • Your Plan to Approach the Top Dog in Your Niche
  • The One Thing That Will Make Being Your Guest Irresistable
  • What to Do With Your Podcast Archives to Keep People Listening to Them
  • The ‘Icing on the Cake’ Bonus Things that Every Podcast Should Have But Very Few People Do
  • Where to Promote Your Podcast Interviews for Maximum Exposure

Whether you have just started podcasting or you have been podcasting for years it is never to early, (or to late), to start setting your sights on awesome podcast guests and making it happen.

When you pick up the guide you gain access to a complimentary webinar for follow up Q&A with me!

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