One Opportunity For Free Coaching With Kelly: Winner Updated

I’m please to announce we have a winner for the spot in my Coaching Mastermind that was so generously donated by a client.

Robin Lee of is our choice. Robin is a long time business owner who is diving into the world of teaching Internet Marketing to others. I really look forward to working with her.

THANK YOU for every nomination!


I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to gift someone deserving with a year long coaching package.

A client who has asked to remain anonymous has given me free reign to choose someone – but to be honest, I’m finding that nearly impossible to do.  There are so many deserving, smart solopreneurs on tight budgets that I’d love to work with.

So, I’ve decided to ask YOU for help.

Nominate Someone You Believe Has Great Potential As A Coach

Since my focus in 2014 is on lifting up future coaches, consultants and trainers – that’s what I’d like to focus this opportunity on.  So, think about someone you know who wants to develop their business in that direction and would benefit from working with me and being part of my 2014 Coaching Mastermind.

This is a year long program with a price tag of $1997.  Being part of the Mastermind will give our winner a powerful leg up in building their business and they will enjoy monthly One on One Access to me.  (This program also comes with a few super valuable bonuses…  Free Solo Masterminds Membership, Free Ticket to Exposure & Profit and a Deep Discount on a Beachpreneurs Retreat.)

Think carefully about who you’d like to see win this.  Choose a real go-getter!  I love working with people who are more interested in making progress than making excuses ;)

How To Nominate:

Tell me all about about them in a comment below, providing the following info:

  • Full Name
  • Their Main Website URL.
  • Tell me why you think they’d make a great Coach, Consultant or Trainer.

When you leave your nomination, be sure to completely fill out the comment form with your full name and a good email address so I can contact you with questions if I have any.

By the way, you should probably ask the person if they’re comfortable with being nominated before you submit their name.

Additional input and cheering is welcome.  

If you’d like to give a thumbs up to someone else who has been nominated – feel free to add your thoughts as a comment reply.

I will choose the winner with input from my anonymous client by noon on Friday the 17th.


  1. Nikki Brown says

    Happy New Year Kelly! Here’s my nomination. :)

    Name: Glennette Goodbread
    Main Website:

    I would like to nominate Glennette Goodbread for this awesome opportunity. I met Glennette through Mom Masterminds (now Solomasterminds), and I have worked with her in different capacities over the past few years. Glennette is one of those people who works so hard behind the scenes helping other people but who refuses to toot her own horn. :)

    Glennette is extremely knowledgeable and tech savvy, but she also has a heart of gold and is very people savvy. She manages and runs her own business full time, but always seems to take the time to support and encourage others who are learning or who may need extra help. She is a pillar of support for her family, her church family and those of us she knows professionally. If I had to state a “fault” about her, it would be that she does not seem to recognize her own priceless value and beauty and how much she contributes to the lives to others.

    Kelly, I think Glennette would benefit from coaching with you because I think it would help her recognize and hone in on her area of brilliance, improve her confidence and help her really grab the reins and step up to the next level in her business. She is an amazing woman and truly deserves this opportunity to be on the receiving end of the same kind of support and encouragement she has offered so many others.

    Thank you to you and your client for this generous offer and thank you for the opportunity to participate in the nomination process.

    Nikki Brown

  2. says

    I would like to nominate Stephanie Watson owner of
    Stephanie is well-known for her creative writing skills and support for all virtual assistants. She goes out of her way to help others, even when there is no monetary reimbursement. I’ve gotten to know Stephanie well over the past four weeks and believe in her goal to be a VA coach. She has the knowledge and passion, she really would benefit from this opportunity.

    I appreciate this opportunity and can’t wait to see who is picked! Whomever it is will definitely be a blessed man or women!
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  3. says

    I would like to nominate Jocelyn Richard of The Praise Dance Life ( Jocelyn has coached me over the past two years in my ministry, and business and everything I have done with her has expanded me as a person, in ministry and in business. (It’s because of her that I learned about you, Kelly) She gives above and beyond as a coach. She is one of the most encouraging people I know. She sees other people’s strengths and makes them feel like they have something incredibly valuable to give (and with that encouragement, they do). She is having an impact on many other leaders besides myself. I would love to see her win this.

  4. says

    I want to nominate Tyhisha Paden because she opened her arms and heart and has shared her vast knowledge of Liturgical Dance with so many people. She tirelessly travels and teaches dance technique at Dancing for Him Conferences. Tyshia has a way of passing along her excitement to others and people are motivated to learn, change and be all that they can be while in the atmosphere around her. She is talented and gifted but she do not lean too heavily on her gifts and will roll up her sleeves and put the time in the “trenches” thus communicating effectively that if one is willing to focus and dedicate themselves to a specific goal that they can accomplish what they set out to do. In addition Tyhisha is an Occupational Therapist and has helped many people with varying degrees of abilities live a more functional and independent life.

  5. Ron Tyler says

    I would like to nominate Lisa Santos. Lisa is a very deserving person who could greatly benefit from your guidance.
    Her website is
    I have known Lisa for about the last seven years and she has helped my business and clients in many ways. She is outgoing, smart, considerate, always willing to help and most of all a great listener. She has faced obstacles along the way but who hasn’t. She always comes out a better person even when the obstacles seemed to be mountains not molehills. She is dedicated, strong yet not overbearing and extremely compassionate.
    What she needs, like many of us is simply a mentor. She has the knowledge to do great things and help small business owners but sometimes she needs to have that person she can confide in when she has problems that need solutions.
    What better gift to give than the ability to set a course for action that results in her being able to touch the life’s of small business owners who are struggling daily and need her help.
    If Lisa was given this opportunity to help others, by imparting your wisdom on the people she touches it would be a win win situation.
    She would never ask for this help on her own as she is to modest but without a doubt you could never find a more deserving or grateful candidate to receive this service.

  6. says

    I’d like to nominate Crissy Herron of

    Crissy is already a coach and trainer but I know she has so much more to offer her market. She is absolutely a real go-getter who I’ve had the opportunity to work with many times. I admire Crissy for her ability to put ideas into action over and over again, FAST. I know if she won this coaching she would take action on the plans she comes up with!

    Crissy has a loyal community following already who I’m sure would appreciate learning more from her. She already has many great products that I’m sure could be developed further and brought to people who are willing to pay her more money for her talents and abilities. She has no idea I’m nominating her for this package and I hope she wins as I believe she’ll make GREAT use of it!

    Angela Wills
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    • says

      I’m not sure if the people who are nominated are supposed to comment, but I wanted to say “THANK YOU!” to Angela for nominating me!

      I would love to win this. As Angela has said, I already have products and do some training, consulting, coaching. I do have a loyal following and I am able to support myself with my business, but I would love to earn more. I know that there are many solutions to this – add more coaching elements, start charging more, and even start finding a new audience if need be.

      I’ve watched Kelly break through these things in the past couple years and that has been an inspiration to me.

      (Angela knows that, as we have talked about that. And I have already started taking action & making changes in 2014!)

      As I said, I would love to win this. This would be awesome and amazing and it’s the perfect time, because I am READY.

  7. Nanette Levons says

    I would like to nominate Jocelyn Richard of Jocelyn has been coaching me and helping me with dance ministry for about two years now. She is very passionate, knowledgeable, and she cares. She gives 101 per cent in all that she does. I have been so blessed through her ministry and coaching. She shares what she has learned and if she doesn’t have the answer she will do her best and find it. She gives you the steps you need to proceed forward. I love how she not only is such a blessing to us but how she is an awesome example as a whole person and in her family life as well. She is awesome.

  8. Michelle Duplechan says

    I am honored to nominate Tamara Patzer for this awesome opportunity!

    Her main website:

    I’ve known Tamara for about a year now. She has been so helpful in the communities we’re a part of and is always willing to share her knowledge with others, answer questions, and encourage others to do what they think they can’t do.

    I took just one of her ideas that she shared with us…something that she herself has done…have implemented it and am so excited to see the results I’ll be getting soon.

    She is moving full-speed ahead in her business and I have no idea how she does everything she does.

    She has written a couple of books that have been best sellers on Amazon, she is a speaker, has created her own online social media course, has time to help us all out by answering questions and giving tips and ideas to help expand our businesses, and still runs the day-to-day of her own business!

    I know if she is the winner of this incredible opportunity, that she will touch hundreds, if not thousands of lives, and help them be the best they can be.

  9. says

    I would like to nominate Tyhisha Paden for your consideration.
    Tyhisha ‘s passion and dedication for worship through liturgical dance is truly inspiring.
    She has shown great leadership ability in bringing together dancers of all skill sets
    to produce some of the most powerful dance ministry I have ever seen. Tyhisha has spent countless hours mentoring and developing other dancers .She leads by example and is often found taking classes to develop her own skills. Her excitement about liturgical dance worship is contagious.
    It is with sincerity that I recommend Tyhisha Paden for consideration for your program.
    Michelle Cooper

  10. Andrew Reichelderfer says

    Hey this is awesome! Here’s my nominee:
    Name: Robin Lee
    Robin is my Aunt and as far back as I can remember she’s been teaching me about business and helping me reach and accomplish goals. She’s had her Girl Jocks business for as long as I remember, and has recently (within the last year or so) gotten involved in internet marketing. Not only have we traveled this journey together so I’ve seen what she’s accomplished, but the whole way through she’s been amazing at sending out new info when she gets it and helping people get their hands on free tools (or very cheap but non “shiny” and actually helpful) and does it all with a huge smile and a bigger heart. She’s my rock when I’m overwhelmed and she’s an amazing “always there for you” mentor. She rocks and would be an outstanding candidate to become a future coach of anyone willing to learn.

  11. says

    I would like to also nominate Glennette Goodbread for most of the same reasons Nikki stated above. She is someone who gives and gives because she has a heart to help others.

  12. says

    I am honored to nominate Tyhisha Paden for this outstanding opportunity! She is the strongest “go getter” I’ve ever met! She successfully graduated my two year training school, went through another intense training in the same field and is now going through yet another one year training course! She started and established a growing team of leaders in the same field, wrote a book and is in the process of publishing it. She faces everything head on with a winning attitude! She has dreams, goals and aspirations that I KNOW she will meet and with your help, she will far exceed them. She is a dynamic person. Everyone she comes in contact with just loves her. She has a voracious appetite to learn and grow and would make an exceptional coach and is already an excellent trainer! Please consider Tyhisha for this. You will be so happy you did and will love working with her. I highly recommend her!

  13. says

    Kelly I’m nominating Sabrina Braham for this great opportunity to work with you and b/c creating win-wins is just the way she rolls, I’m certain Sabrina in return will prove a valuable contributor to your sure-to-be-awesome mastermind group! Luv that you’re doing this and as a reflection of all the other awesome programs you create I agree this is EXTRA! EXTRA! level news :-)

  14. Faye L. Miller says

    I nominate Robin M. Lee. Her website is
    The reason why I believe that she would make a great coach is because she is my coach. I have been
    coached by Robin for many years. Maybe 3 years now. She coaches me about my side business.
    SHe is strong and knowlegedeble when it comes to coaching someone. I highly recommend Robin
    for what you are looking for.
    Thank you.

  15. says

    It is with great joy, that I am extended the opportunity to recommend Robin Lee for your program . This woman has it all ! Amazing people skills, a HUGE heart, and most importantly, her uncanny ability to sell to her audience ! Not to mention, the tremendous passion that she has for her business ! ( These are all key qualities in a busines coaching atmosphere.) I have been graced with the opportunity to work with Robin for the past two and a half years, as she is my supervisor, currently. This Gal amazes me ,with how she conducts herself both personally and professionally on a daily basis. Her Fresh Ideas for marketing have already taken root in me, as I pursue my own business venture. I could not help but think of the many lives that would be touched, if she were given this opportunity.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Curtis Maccoun

  16. says

    Hi Kelly,
    I love your posts and products although right now they are not in my price range :-(
    Anyway, I know a Lady, Housewife, Mom, and a Great Coach to a lot of friends of Her daughters. She has one of the biggest Hearts that I’ve met.
    Since a few years she has it extremely rough because of some family problems I am not authorized to dwell upon publicly. Because she managed to help in some of my personal obstacles that I shared with her, I know first hand hoe she works with people she coaches.
    Right now I am introducing her to the IM world and the possibilities that she can explore.
    She has a realy tight schedule although she is not working professionally right now. She is the primary acretaker to her granddaughter, her husband’s mother, as she has some significant health problems. She halps her daughter with her matrimony and has two children who attend school yet.
    The married daughter is studying in college and the only income is from her husband’s work.

    Anyway, I can tell you based on my experience with her coaching and on the testimonials from their daughters friends taht she is a gifted teacher and her empathy level is exetremely high!

    If you would choose her for your extremely generous gift , please contact me on my email as she has no web presence for now available.

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