Solo Smarts #25: Dan Morris on Using Pinterest for Business

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My guest this week is Dan Morris from Letters from Dan and Making Money With Pinterest. I met Dan at NAMS for the first time two years ago and again this February.  You’re going to enjoy his easy going style and get a lot of deeply mined nuggets about Pinterest from this conversion.

Click here to learn more from Dan.

Speaking of NAMS, I’m going to be sharing my Podcasting expertise over there this Wednesday night and the live session is open to the public. Go register here. (Click on my event and drop your name and email in the box.)



  1. marie stopa says:

    cant sign up for the pinterest podcast

  2. You mean my podcasting webinar? Yeah, they’re under construction for a bit – check back in the morning :) Thanks!

  3. I think she means she can’t play the podcast above because I can’t either.

  4. So sorry!! I don’t know what went wrong with my upload last night but it’s all set now. Thanks for the heads up ladies!

  5. So here’s a little extra bonus to think about after listening to the audio.

    1. is the great example of images that have text and get repinned rapidly.

    2. is a great example of a site that has made Pinterest part of the community. They do contests based on finding pins, talk about cool pins and they have created boards that compliment their site. They now have over 500,000 followers on Pinterest.

    3. I also just learned how to pin pages without images. Imagine creating 10 different images that all go to one page, and then using that to test “likes and repins” to see what people really want. I wrote about how to do that here:

    Otherwise, don’t just listen. What are your great ideas and stories about Pinterest? Share them here so we can all get smarter!


  6. Thanks for the transcript – I find this so much easier than listening to the audio!


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