Solo Smarts #29: David Perdew, Founder of NAMS

This week I’m talking with David Perdew, founder of the NAMS Workshop.

I’ve been to two NAMS events so far and I’m definitely heading back for this one. I don’t have any other live marketing events to compare it to but I’ve heard enough from others to know that NAMS stands apart with it’s pitch free environment and hands on learning focus. The eighth NAMS event is coming up in August so I invited David to come share what he has planned for us.

He has lined up motivational speakers like Paul Evans and Felicia Slattery.  There are three full day workshops covering content creation, public domain content & offline mobile marketing. There are three other tracks of learning going on each day.  This is part of what I enjoy most about NAMS, the variety of topics available to us.

I went to my first NAMS because I trusted the recommendation of my friends who’d been there before me.  Now I highly recommend it to you – even if you’ve never imagined that you would attend a live event, I want you to really think about joining me for this one.

By the way, David is going to be speaking during this year’s Hot Seminar Series.


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