Solo Smarts #31: Do Something Nice For Someone This Week

This week is all about doing something nice for someone else. I want to inspire you to choose one of the people you know who could use a boost of one kind or another – and set out to give them that boost.

Don’t think for a moment that your time is better spent promoting yourself.  Making other people look good is a great way to shine yourself.

Some ideas to start with:

Give them a Tweet:

‘I follow @______ because she gives great tips on getting traffic to my blog.’

Share them on Facebook.

Pick one of their blog posts or podcast episodes and share it with a well written testimony from you where you share exactly what you enjoyed most about it.

Ask them to enter into an interesting exchange on your Facebook page – it can be a planned Q&A or casual banter.

Feature Them:

Invite them to write a guest blog post for you and promote the heck out of it.

Look for any reprint content they have available and use it in your newsletter or add it to a small report that you’re giving away.

Interview Them:

Make up five or more questions designed to help others get to know what they do and send it over via email.  Use the Q&A for a blog post or email it to your list.

Invite them to be a guest on your podcast if you have one.

Introduce Them:

Look around and choose someone you think should know about them and personally make an introduction. ‘I think you should meet _____ because he and you share a common interest in ____’.

You could always shoot me a message to say ‘Hey Kelly, I think _____ would be a great guest on Solo Smarts because ______’.

What if you made giving others some buzz a regular part of your week?  Imagine the good you’d do and the friendships you’d build.

By the way this list is brief on purpose – I’d love for YOU to continue the ideas in the comment area :)  How will you give someone else a boost this week?

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