Solo Smarts #35: Running a Business, Fighting Breast Cancer

There hasn’t been any breast cancer in my family.  The same isn’t true for Teresa Smolinski of Pre Wrap.  She has always been diligent in taking care of herself, doing self exams and regular mammograms.  In March this year, she found a tiny lump that changed the direction of her world.  I met Teresa way back in 2005 when she joined us at Solo Masterminds. I admire her business smarts and I’m blown away by her grace and strength as she fights cancer.

Listen in to hear her story – and gals, listen well.

It was Nicole Dean’s idea to take Teresa’s October 1st Facebook status and turn it into a graphic that could be placed on a t-shirt or mug.  I’m so glad she asked me to get involved!  We had the graphic designed and a Zazzle store set up the same day.

Here’s me sipping coffee from my own mug.

You can shop for your own Mug or t-Shirt. Anything you order will be a show of support for Teresa, a positive message to other women to take care of themselves. There is a small amount of profit in your purchase that goes to Teresa too, so please help us spread the word about it.  Tweet the link, post it to FB, anything is a help.



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