Solo Smarts #37: We Are Ruined For The Day Job

Kristie Rimmele knows what it’s like to be a solopreneur.  The freedom, flexibility, ability to chase your creativity and interests… yet earlier this year she decided to leave it all behind and take on a day job working for someone else.  Not at all surprisingly, she hasn’t loved it.  Listen in to hear her story – and her plan to get back to running her own business.

Kristie’s site: Branding on the Net

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The NAMS9 Workshop is coming up in February 2013 and I’ll be there.  I’m actually teaching on Podcasting this time around but I’d be going whether I had an Instructor spot or not.  I love NAMS!

I’ve got my hotel reservation and last week I picked up plane tickets.  Cannot wait for February to be here :)

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