Solo Smarts #42: Kristen Eckstein the Ultimate Book Coach

Kristen Eckstein is the Ultimate Book Coach and not because that’s what she chooses to call herself, it’s what her clients call her.

I met Kristen at NAMS (the online business workshop I go to in Atlanta twice a year) and sat in on one of her sessions this past August.  She’s an obvious expert on the topic of successful indie publishing and has attracted clients I have a great deal of respect for.  Kristen credits events like NAMS as being key to her business building over the years.

Check out Kristen’s Self Publish on Demand course here. It is her exact plan that she uses for her own books and high end clients.  (Use the coupon code ‘crazy’ to save half off.)

Explore Kristen’s books on Amazon.

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  1. Solo Smarts #42: Kristen Eckstein the Ultimate Book Coach…

    Kristen is a great interview on the topics of indie publishing with excellence. We talked about how she got started, how her business has grown and where she’s headed in the future….

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