Solo Smarts #51: Anita Campbell brings the BizSugar

anita-campbellAnita Campbell of Small Business Trends is behind one of my big marketing crushes of 2013 and that is BizSugar.  I’m thrilled to have her on this week’s Solo Smarts to learn more about what she’s doing with BizSugar and other online projects that solopreneurs are going to be interested in.  Listen in to learn how BizSugar rewards you for ‘good social media citizenship’.

Be sure to check out the Small Business Book Awards site.  (Solopreneurs are Smarts IS nominated!You can nominate your favorite recently published small business book anytime before March 3rd.

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Contentaire just released! This is the first new product from Jimmy D. Brown in over a year.  It was a year ago this month that I finally met Jimmy in person at NAMS7.  I’m digging into Contentaire right now and can already tell what a blessing it is going to be to me and my content creation processes.  There is a 204 page manual, a 330+ page book of templates and tools and a whole copywriting manual to boot.  As usual, Jimmy is wowing me!

Check out the new special upgrade offer on Smart Podcasting Skills – sign up early and enjoy lower pricing on the Triple Play Workshop that will only be offered once in 2013.

I held a webinar to report on some of what I got from NAMS9.  Be sure to catch up on the webinar replay here.

Important Pricing Notice:  I was given a great gift at NAMS9 and that came in the form of a firm ‘buttkicking’ from friends and contemporaries.  I’ve decided to take their advice very seriously and that means that prices are going UP here at Solo Smarts.  Listen in for all of the details!


  1. Anita sounds like a smart cookie! I enjoyed listening to her insight and at bit about how she got to where she is now.

    Congratulations on being nominated for the Small Business Book Award! That’s quite an honor. :)
    Samantha recently posted..Crafting a Great About PageMy Profile

  2. Hey Kelly – this was another fun podcast, and I loved that you talked about the “butt kicking” you got at NAMS from Therese Sparby with some additional nudges from me, Nicole, Susanne, and Tracy. That was an awesome night of masterminding and I’m excited to see you take action!

    Bob Jenkins recently posted..5 Webmaster Skills You Should Be Able To Do Yourself And Keep More Of Your MoneyMy Profile

  3. Kelly: I look forward to listen to your interview with Anita Campbell!

    To: Samantha D. Angle: I confirm that Anita is a “smart cookie”! :)

    All the Best,

    P.S. I am interested to hear your experience with Stitcher.
    Martin Lindeskog recently posted..TO DO IN 2013My Profile

  4. I’m right there with you on raising prices…I have a modest one going into effect on Friday! I was a little hesitant at first but when I looked back at all the new features I am providing my clients since my last price increase (2009!) it’s clearly the right thing to do. No squawks from my peeps.

    I did mine on a $$ basis (raised every package by the same amount) rather than a percentage, but it averaged out to about 17%. How big of an increase are you planning, if I may ask?

    Terri Z
    Terri Zwierzynski recently posted..Spotting Talent in Others and YourselfMy Profile

    • My increases were pretty standard as well. $39 products are becoming $69. $47 are bumping to $97. Even though I’ve decided what the new prices will be across the board, I’m implementing them slowly – to give me time to promote them all one last time at ’2012 prices’.

      My increase is pretty big compared to your 17%, but you have probably been charging a more appropriate amount all along – not undervaluing your stuff like me!
      Kelly recently posted..Solo Smarts #52: Caterina Rando Says Speaking Skills Can Be LearnedMy Profile

  5. Hi Anita,

    I am interested in the Contentaire also, but nowhere on the contentaire site is there a return policy. Most likely, I will not return this product, but I feel better if there is a return policy in place. Since you’ve bought this product, meaning going through purchasing process, did you see a return policy? Usually info products have a return policy is place on the website and this product does not so it makes me wonder….. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi Shannon! I know Jimmy has recently moved into a new shopping cart system and rebranded his websites, I have a feeling the lack of guarantee info is pure oversight. I know for certain that his support team would respond to any concern you have ASAP though :)


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    Solo Smarts #51: Anita Campbell brings the BizSugar…

    Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends is behind one of my big marketing crushes of 2013 and that is BizSugar. I’m thrilled to have her on this week’s Solo Smarts to learn more about what she’s doing with BizSugar and other online projects that solopr…

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