Solo Smarts, The Mobile App (It’s Coming)

Yep, I’ve got a plan to create a new mobile app for Solo Smarts.

That strange sound you hear right now is that if me, shaking in my boots ;)

The image you see here is a screen shot from my iPhone.  You CAN read Solo Smarts on your Smart Phone, but it isn’t easy.  I can and will begin using a ‘responsive theme’ for the site, so that whatever device you use, it will be readable.

Still, I want an App.  I want to be in the Apple App Store :)

Only problem, I don’t know a thing about developing apps!

But, I’ll be figuring it out with a little help from smart friends.

Can I get a little help from YOU?

I’d love to know what you’d like most in an app meant to support you as a growing solopreneur.

  • Would you like an App that shoots you a great resource daily?
  • Do you want to be able to listen to the podcast via an App?
  • Do you want to be able to ask questions via an App?

Let the sky be your limit, dream a solopreneur dream and tell me what you’d love most in an App!

Leave your thoughts in the comment area below please?

To show my appreciation, I’m going to do a random drawing from all comments and give away a great bundle of Solo Smarts products.  I’ll do that this coming Sunday night and announce winners and share your input on the podcast.


  1. says

    I use apps and online resources quite a bit. My problem is information overload. I much rather prefer a responsive website. My answer to your questions are No for all of them. The reasons are that I’ve tried getting an app such as Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income app but I tend to gravitate towards the website a whole lot more.

    If I did have to get an app, a daily planner/resource guide would be amazing. I have a ton of items and can get lost in the trees. Some guide that helps me see if I am on track would be beneficial.
    Hope this helps.
    Ruchita recently posted..Vegetarian Super FoodsMy Profile

  2. says

    I rarely use my phone for reading information on a website. I would however find it very useful to access podcasts on my phone as I listen to music and audiobooks especially while traveling. So I would want a screen with a list of podcasts with a short description. Then maybe tapping the title would open a page with a longer description and a download button.

    Rick Steves has a similar app for his travel guides. I just downloaded the ones I wanted before the trip and then I had a page in the app with the ones already downloaded that I could just tap and listen.
    Christine Cobb recently posted..WordPress Themes – How To Choose?My Profile

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    Kelly –

    I don’t have a nice big iPad so I do not usually go to a website on my iPhone. When I do, I don’t like to see the full ‘desktop view’ on my phone for the reasons you mentioned. Most sites are not responsive. And just to make sure everyone knows, a Responsive Website is one that know what kind of device you are using to connect to it. If you are at a desktop, you get one look. On an iPhone? It is different. An iPad? yet different again. A responsive theme automatically adjusts this for you.

    With that said, I would like to see an app that lets me read your posts without having to scroll back and forth. Like Christine mentioned, having an easy way to listen to your podcasts; that is a great idea.

    Keep the site interactive – an easy way to leave a comment via a smart phone is great!.

    Are you thinking of an app that does more than just display your site? If so, how about letting me leave a voice comment via my smartphone? How about detecting where I am and providing a list of resources for things that you discuss in the post I am reading?

    How Sci-Fi can we go? :-)

    Be Well.
    Paul B. Taubman, II recently posted..File PermissionsMy Profile

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