Special Bundle Pack #1: 11 Products For One Low Price


Great news for you!

We (some of the awesome members of Solo Masterminds) have come together to offer you a bundle of original products that we’ve created and currently offer for sale individually – the great news being that you only have to pay for ONE of these products and you get all of the others for free.  (Nice!)

You see, every one of these products usually sells for $27 – but we’ve all agreed to pool them together and promote them as one bundle – still for only $27!

By the way, chances are VERY good that there are MORE products coming… so the value can only go up through the week :)

bioBoring Bio Begone! (From Shannon Cherry)

Produced for Tweak It and Profit Insiders, Boring Bio Begone! provides a step-by-step formula to creating sizzling elevator pitches, about pages and other bios that stand out and attract more customers. You will learn why a one-size-fits all bio doesn’t work and how to craft a bio that attracts the right clients without all the hype. Packed with samples and templates to make it easy to use!

va-website-ad-125Virtual Assistant Website Makeover Program (from Cindy Bidar)

Your website’s job is to attract qualified clients who value (and will happily pay for) your skills and expertise. If your business site is not performing, chances are you’re making one or more of the most common service provider mistakes.

Discover how to easily polish your website so you can attract the right clients and compel them to take action. Pick this up and start building a better website today.

The Win Win Project - How to Run a Successful Fire Sale - 125x125 - 061114The Win-Win Project: How to Run a Successful Fire Sale (by Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers)

After running several successful fire sales together & having quite a few conversations about how they did it, Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers from PiggyMakesBank.com put together the Win-Win-Win-Win Project.

Find out how to run your first fire sale, how to get great contributions and how to avoid 3 potential major pitfalls. Tracy and Susanne let you peek over their shoulder and share real examples from successful sales they’ve run.

Last but not least you get access to their check lists and templates and are invited to a follow up webinar were they answer any questions you may have.

competitorsCompetitors into Profits (by Alice Seba)

When you toss out the idea that you should protect yourself against competitors and decide to embrace them as your partners instead, BIG things start happening with your business.  That’s what the Competitors into Profits Course is all about.  We’ll guide you through 8 tried and true strategies to help you make meaningful connections and grow your business faster than you ever imagined.

csi-125-adCreateSpace Intensive (by Teresa Miller)

A print book can boost your business credibility and cement your authority, IF it’s professionally designed. Great book design is NOT beyond reach; in fact it can even be done with Microsoft Word.

CreateSpace Intensive will show the way, by demonstrating how to: manage styles for consistent design throughout; manipulate section breaks and header formatting for easy customization; choose cover design options. In short, you’ll learn everything you need to produce beautiful and professional self-published books with Word and CreateSpace!

Do it yourself or outsource, you’ll have the tools you need to ensure success.

Media-Guard125x125Media Guard (by Lynette Chandler)

The Media Guard plugin for WordPress lets you provide access to content stored on your Amazon S3 account, while preventing the sharing of direct links to your files, outside of your website.

Whether you are giving away your content or put it behind a membership site, the plugin can help ensure people obtain it from your site first.

Media Guard can play protected videos, and audios. You can even use it to distribute protected documents such as PDF’s, zip files, images and more.

affiliate-contest-secretsAffiliate Contest Secrets (by Connie Ragen Green)

If you’ve been wondering how online entrepreneurs win so many affiliate contests, Connie Ragen Green will share the excellent tips, secrets, and techniques that she has used to win cash, gift cards, and prizes as an affiliate marketer, including the exact emails she send to get her list to take action now and buy through her affiliate link. You’ll be able to use these strategies in your own business!

marketing_online_book_graphic_125x125Marketing Your Business Online: Strategies That Work for Virtual Assistants and Other Freelance Service Providers (by Alicia Jay)

Marketing Your Business Online is an easy-to-read and implement ebook that will help you decide what types of clients you want to work with and how to get their attention online!

This ebook was created by Alicia Jay of newVAadvice.com after she struggled to find clients when starting her service-based business–and then finally figured out what worked to get those clients flowing in.

Learn from her and other successful service providers how to identify and connect with your target market as well as others in your industry and create an online marketing plan.

Social Friendly Shareables - 125x125Social Friendly Shareables (By Samantha Angel)

30 social friendly images topped with motivational quotes to help promote sharing on your social media networks &  6 Facebook covers.

cover-pressreleaseessentials-smallPress Release Essentials Kit (by Patrysha Korchinski)

A complete tool kit including samples, templates and scripts to attract relevant media attention to your business or cause.

Finally, the product I (Kelly) have included in the Bundle:

Offering Open Phones

open-phones-ecover-250Nothing beats spending a little one on one time with people in your market for sparking ideas and renewing your fire to serve them. If you’re willing to make yourself available (on your own terms) for short phone calls, you can soon be connecting with potential new customers and clients, discovering interesting JV possibilities, coming up with fresh product and service ideas nobody else has thought of yet, remembering what it feels like to be excited about what you do. 


Awe… the Bundle Pack Has Retired!


One of the perks of Solo Masterminds Membership is being able to participate in cooperative projects like this one, contributing an original product to a Special Bundle Pack.  Become a member and jump into our next Bundle!


    • Kelly McCausey says

      I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment before Jennifer. No, these products aren’t PLR.

      I will say there’s a Master Resell Rights option on Offering Open Phones though :)

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