The Stretch Yourself Challenge is a 30 Day Content Marketing Challenge held twice a year (April and October) with a goal of making your comfort zone a faint memory and your next goal a reality! 


There Are Other People Out There Right Now, Less Qualified & Less Talented Than You – But They’re More Successful. (That should make you hopping mad!)

Why are they finding success while you struggle? (Why Them?!) Because they’re putting themselves out there every day!

Isn’t it time you did?

It’s Time To Stretch Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve got good news for you. The success you’re looking for is out there – somewhere outside of your current comfortable circle of connections.

Yep – it’s true! If you’ll Stretch Yourself out there, you’ll reach more of your market and get more of what you want!


Hurrah!! If you ARE truly ready to bust out – I’ve got an invitation for you:

Give Me One Month & We’ll Bust Through Obstacles That Are Holding You Back & Keeping You From Success!

Join me for the April 2015 Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge and you’ll be stretching yourself, sharing your smarts with more and more people. You’ll be making the connections that lead to greater success!


This Challenge Is 25% Step By Step Plan & 75% Pure Butt Kickin!

I want to be clear. The Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge plan is SIMPLE.  I am going to fire you up to ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF that you’ve been holding yourself back from!


You’ll create and/or re-purpose content. (Not scary!)

  • Content is the foundation of our internet presence and it’s natural that we start there. If you’re not a content machine, don’t freak out. This is not a ‘generate TONS of content’ challenge.
  • If you have great content to work with, we’ll start there. If you need some content, we’ll talk strategy on that front.
  • You’ll venture into other media genres, like audio, video & teleseminars or webinars (depending on what you’re most interested in!)

I’m including my ‘Writing for Non-Writers’ pack of Writing Samples & Simple Templates to make this as simple as possible for even the most writing-phobic challenger.

You’ll engage your market via social media. (Not complicated!)

  • You’re going to ‘get out there’ in a determined way at last, Interacting with your people and sharing your great content with them.
  • You’ll decide where your time is best focused and prioritize your schedule to make it happen.

I’ve included my Simple Daily Social Media Plan that tackles the top traffic social sites.

You’ll step up to embrace your place as a thought leader in your community.(Shake off intimidation!)

It’s my goal to have you see yourself as The Source for your people.  This is an inner attitude as much as it is a practical consequence of your experience and skill.  I’m going to me hammering you with this message:  “If not you – then who?  And why shouldn’t it be you?”

I’ll be sharing my Daily Intimidation Crushers.  Every single day during the challenge I’ll be back in the Challengers Accountability Forum with another big shove – a new thread with a meaty little kick in the butt for you to take in.  Each day’s message designed to make your comfort zone very uncomfortable.


Our Challenge Objectives:

I hope you’ve got your big kid panties on because I might be handing out butt whoopin’s ;)

accountability-forum1#1. Be Encouraged & Motivated!

I’ve got a fire hose of powerful encouragement to blast you with from Day One. I’m going to light such a fire under you that you’ll be motivated to put every part of the challenge plan into action!

A Challenger Benefit: A Private Accountability Forum! Yes! You’ll have daily access to ME and all of your Co-Challengers for support, encouragement and accountability. This will be your refuge for the entire month of April.

There’ll be NO getting or staying stuck!

#2. Clarify & Sharpen Your Online Presence

Some of you are not getting where you want to be because your message is muddled. Our first big project involves cleaning things up and making certain your message is crystal clear – completely focused on what you WANT people to know about you.

#3. Expand Your Reach & Amplify Your Message

Everything we need to reach our market is available to us if we’ll just use it! My challenge plan will guide you day by day to a wider reach and a louder voice in the marketplace.

#4. Reap The Rewards!

In the last challenge, I applied my own plan to my business and before the month was out I’d been interviewed and featured in multiple NEW marketplace blogs. I had NEW relationships budding with powerful leaders in the business world and I welcomed several NEW clients into my circle. (When you put yourself out there – you make an impact!)


Are you ready to just Go For It?

Join the April 2015 Challenge Group!

hot-seatHey Kel, what’s a ‘Hot Seat Session’? It’s an opportunity to be center of attention while we all review your website and give feedback on your message and challenge efforts. (This is a voluntary honor, so don’t worry that we’ll pick on you if you’re not ready!)

These sessions are super helpful to the entire group as we get to see real world examples in action. Everyone can take nuggets from the feedback to improve their own projects.

(Can’t make a live session? Replays are always available for instant viewing soon after.)


Pre-Challenge Butt Kickin’ Audios

I want to give you a head start on motivation so I’m sharing something great with you right away…

connie-150Audio: Connie Ragen Green on Confidence!

Connie Ragen Green blew me out of my comfort zone a couple years back and motivated me to take the bull by the horns and do whatever I had to to win an affiliate competition. Because I did, I had all sorts of new doors opened to me this year. I had to share a little bit of her awesomeness with you for the Challenge.

Because we strive towards what really matters, I’m including:

paul-150Audio: Paul Evans on Purpose!

You’ll have instant access to a powerful audio and transcript on the topic of operating with a purpose and how motivating it can be for you and your business. Paul Evans is one of the most enjoyable speakers I’ve had the pleasure to see in person and I know you’ll love this recording.

Here’s what to do now:

Click on the Green Order button below and check out through my system at Solo Smarts. You’ll receive emails from me with instant access to:

  • Connie’s audio on Confidence.
  • Paul’s audio on Purpose.
  • Instructions on gaining access to the Challengers Accountability Forum. (You’ll be able to access this a few days before the Challenge officially begins.)
  • Information on logging in for our Live Sessions.

Then, on the first of April, We Begin! 

  • Interaction on the Challengers Accountability Forum begins in earnest.!
  • My Daily Intimidation Crushers kick in.
  • I’ll deliver my complete Challenge Plan Workbook & Checklists.
  • I’ll deliver my Writing for non-Writers Samples & Templates.
  • I’ll deliver my Simple Daily Social Media Plan.

All sessions are recorded and replays are added to your member page for easy access on your schedule.

Grab These Instant Resources!



The April SYC Is Closed To New Challengers – See You In October!


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I’m excited to deliver top notch resources that light a fire under you and make your comfort zone so darned uncomfortable you can’t stand to be there another minute! See you in the Challenge!





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