What’s the Best Way to Start Your Day?


Solopreneurs know that time management counts. This means that you should start each morning with a bang, doing the most important task first. The question is, what is that critical ‘gotta do this before anything else’ thing?

Karyn says: “A 2013 Marketo study found that 58% of people read email first thing in the morning, many reading email before they even eat breakfast. Is it just addiction – or is there a good reason for it?”

So what do you think, is checking your email first thing really the best way to begin your day? More importantly is it the best way to serve your customers?


  1. says

    Only if I’m expecting a really exciting email. :-)
    Seriously though, my routine in the morning goes like this:

    – Get up, get dressed, start coffee
    – Drink coffee, practice French, read Bible
    – Look at my to-do list, start writing

    This is at 6 am before my kids get up.
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    • Kelly McCausey says

      LOL! Yeah, I’ll be honest – If I’m expecting a really exciting email I usually check for it after my 5am ‘gotta pee’ trip LOL!

  2. Kelly McCausey says

    I resisted the idea of leaving email and social media for later in the day for a LONG time – but I have to say, since I adopted my Power 90, I feel like I get more done and make more money.

    It’s too easy to let email drag you down an unexpected path.

    I totally get what Karyn is saying about making her clients a priority and I do feel the same way – but with a world wide clientele, there’s no particular advantage to answering email at 9am VS 10:30.

  3. says

    I’m a “global thinker” which means I have to have some sort of overview of the subject at hand before I can dive in. That also means that when I get up in the morning I have to see the forest before I can start looking at individual trees. So, after reading my Bible, here are the things I do first thing. I usually have link-ups to do so I do that first. But I save the reading and commenting for later in the day. Then I do a quick check (5 minutes each) of email, facebook, and Pinterest. I’m very disciplined and don’t have a weakness for trivia, so it works for me. I run through my Feedly while eating breakfast.
    Writing and projects come later in the day, after chores and homeschooling. I’m more creative after being up for a while so it works out.
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  4. says

    My problem is that by 9AM I’m already on the phone with clients or doing a group coaching call. That lasts until about noon, then I take a one-hour lunch break every day, then teach a class at 1:00 PM. If I don’t look at my client/student emails first thing, I wouldn’t be able to look at them until around 3:00 PM, which is my energetic low point. I’ve been known to make a mistake or two in emails I answer at 3PM. LOL!

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