Win. Fail. Give. December 16, 2011

If you know me, you know that Focus is one of my favorite themes.

Being focused in business is my goal, but it’s not a perfect science.  I am always trying new things.

Ideas come along, I set out to explore them and then often find myself months later on a path I didn’t plan to be on.

That’s when I have Re-Focus myself – correct my path and get back where I belong.

I used to really beat myself up about these little rabbit trails – but not anymore.  This is my world.  I’m an internet marketer.  This is what I do.  I try things.  Some end up being a perfect fit.  Some provide valuable lessons that help make me more successful in the rest of my business.

I guess what I’m saying is this:  Getting off track isn’t the problem – staying on the wrong track IS.

If you don’t build evaluation into your business activities you won’t realize you need to re-focus.

This Week’s Win: My re-focusing win this week actually covers most of the last month.  I realized I had been spending a lot of time on a path that didn’t serve my overall mission well.  The path was teaching WordPress to others.

It came about naturally.  I use WordPress on my sites and know it well. Teaching it seemed like a great idea. It was a great idea!  Tons of people want to know about WordPress. To make a long story short, I offered a course, got a huge response and headed off down that rabbit trail.

This fall I was speaking to a small coaching group and some incredibly wise words tumbled out of my mouth: “If you want people to come to you for help with building their business, don’t get caught up in teaching them the minutia.”  Basically, if they come to you to learn little things like making an HTML link, uploading a picture or editing their WordPress sidebar – they’re not likely to come to you for help with branding and marketing.

I realized I was sharing experience from my time spent on the rabbit trail that I was STILL ON LOL!

I made a note then and there – Re-Focus!

The Win in all this is that I have done it.  I made arrangements to pass my WordPress students on to a much more capable teacher.  Lynette Chandler of Tech Based Training agreed to take all of them under her wings with a free year of courses.  How awesome is that?  I didn’t leave my people high and dry and they get to learn from the best there is.

I get to get off of that rabbit trail and focus my time where it needs to be – on teaching Solopreneurs how to build awesome businesses!

This Week’s Fail.

My big fail this week was losing my patience with someone.  Not going to go into detail – but losing my patience is always a big fail.

This Week’s Give:

I’m retiring one of my products, Membership Site Intensive.  It is going away at the end of this month forever.  It’s on special right now for just $19 – but I’d like to Give it to the first five people who leave a comment on this post :)

So whatcha waiting for?  Share your Win. Fail. Give. for this week below!


  1. Tsoniki Crazy Bull says

    Kelly, Remember the Santa letter site I bought from you years ago? I still have it. But my big fail was – I didn’t make it live this year because I was too busy. Hello outsourcing! A huge lesson.

  2. says

    Great post Kelly!
    I finally took all of my service, picked the ones I like the best and made packages. I don’t have prices yet …I just don’t know what to charge.

    I think I get so scattered brained and unfocused because I allow my situation to over take my thoughts when I don’t have enough client work to focus on, which makes the situation worse.

    Whatever will I do with myself??

    • says

      @Stephanie, one way you can figure out a price is to email your list with a survey. I’ve had friends do that and I was always willing to give my opinion on what I would pay [high and low] for a product.

  3. says

    You are so right Kelly! It is something if we just run with a different path, but to stay on it if it isn’t working it completely different.

    Thanks for this reminder and to help me put what I am doing back in perspective.

  4. says

    My big fail – This week, I used a mailing list for crochet to send something non related. won’t do that again.

    Big win – for the first time I hired a VA who will not only help me with some simple wp updates but she will video tape it so I actually know what she did so I can repeat it. I think this is a valuable win.

    Give – I uploaded my ebook ‘How to build a Squidoo Lens’ to Scribd. It is a free download.

  5. says

    My biggest fail was that I haven’t gone live yet – my big chance is that 2011 is not over yet.

    Win – I made some valuable business connections, that promoted my online credibility and gave a little boost to my bank account.

    Give – I’m working on a free report to distribute on several forums and perhaps to use as an email magnet on my site.

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