Win. Fail. Give. December 30, 2011 [End of Year Evaluation]

“I just can’t DO 2011 anymore”  I heard this snippet of dialog on the TV today while I was getting a pedi :)  (Woohoo!)

The line made me smile and totally agree.  I am SO OVER 2011!  It’s been a rough year but I have to say it’s ended up pretty well.

Since it is the end of the year – I’m spending some of my day looking back over the whole year, not just this week.  Here goes:

This Year’s Win: Total Business Rebranding.  Whooooo! It took most of six months to finish but as 2011 ends, my business rebranding is made complete with the sale of Mom’s Talk Biz to my good friend Nicole Dean.  Now ALL of my business products and coaching are 100% focused on the Solopreneur market.

I gotta tell you, there is nothing like being totally focused to create momentum, progress and profit!

Going forward into 2012 I am very focused on equipping and coaching.  I’ve got some flipping amazing strategies to share with my coaching clients and can’t wait to get started.

This Year’s Fail: When I look back at my goals for 2011, the goals I set last at this time last year, I feel like such a flop.  All of the projects I said I would conquer that are undeveloped – I’ve mentioned them before in my Win. Fail. Give. Un-met goals, un-acheived resolutions, un-fulfilled aspirations – they suck!  Yes, I accomplished a lot inspite of my issues – but man – I know I could have done so much more if I hadn’t been dealing with crappy health through a big portion of the year.

Hey, I’ve got to get over this – I’m kinda hung up on what I lost as far time and productivity. I’ve caught myself whining about it one too many times.  So here goes my one last pitty party:  Waaaaaaaaa!  Ok, done.  Moving on!

My goals for 2012 now look a lot like my goals for 2011.  More ‘Smarts’ products, a HOT Hot Seminar Series & a rocking bunch of ON FIRE coaching clients. I’m ripping into all of these with fresh vision and determination.  Can’t wait to share everything with you as we go.

End of Year Give:  I’m geeked as all get out about this Free WordPress Plugin, Brainstorming Your Funnel.  If you haven’t grabbed it yet – please do it now.  It’s going to help you plot out the new year with an eye for ‘going deeper’ with your customers and clients!   (By the way, it comes with an audio that explains how it’s used.)

If you’re not a WordPress user, you can grab this printable version instead.

Happy New Years to you!


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    It is indeed time to look forward to the coming year… past failures are just the past… We have to make new goals and set our minds to plan to succeed.

    I love how you’re rebranding your business. Love the concepts you’re presenting here. Best wishes on success for 2012!

    God bless,

    ~ Rhonda White

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    I am oh so ready for 2012. It’s been good so far, w00t! I’m excited to see what God has planned for my business and my little family.

    I’m going to go grab that awesome freebie. What a great tool to help keep the focus in 2012. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

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