Win. Fail. Give. February 24, 2012

How hard is it for you to self evaluate?  I was listening to an audio from NAMS yesterday and the speaker (Jack Born) mention keeping journals as a good business strategy.  He said it helps you to not fool yourself in retrospect because it’s easy to remember things in a favorable light when some time as past.

I am not a journal keeper – though I have been in the past.  Still, my blog and these Win. Fail. Give. posts serve well to remind me of lessons learned a few months ago.  Imagine how instructive they’ll be to future Kelly in a year or so.

It’s been awhile since my last Win. Fail. Give. post so I’ll be thinking widely about the last month (instead of just this week) as I report in.

This Month’s Win:

Going to NAMS, connecting with so many great people, hanging out with friends and winning the affiliate contest are all major Wins for me.  I am so glad I went!

I heard this thought expressed many different ways at the event: “I’m an internet marketer because I like being home“.

That’s true for me for sure.  Being a social butterfly is not my natural state.  Still, for just a few days every now and then, I can grow social wings and make the most of it.  If you feel like you’re an introvert, and might not enjoy a live event like NAMS, I encourage you to give it a second thought.

Another win I have to mention is that I got back to my volunteering gig at the local homeless shelter this week.  I’ve been on hiatus from that since before Christmas due to a knee injury.  This is a Win because I love volunteering, it gets me out of the house – away from the computer!  It’s an important part of my week and helps to keep me from getting too buried in my business.

This Month’s Fail:

I have quite a few things on my ‘to do list’ that have been stagnant for more than a month.  This is never a good thing and a sure sign that I need to evaluate some of these projects for viability.  If I procrastinate something for more than a few weeks, it’s usually a sign that my heart isn’t in it anymore – or I should have outsourced the work.  I’m going to set aside some time to decide which is which so that these things don’t sit on my list haunting me anymore.

This Month’s Give:

I feel so blessed right now.  I’ve been given so much to take advantage of through the NAMS affiliate contest.  I definitely want to give back in a big way!  Now to think of what that should be… oh! I’ve got the perfect thing!

I am going to gift all of my readers a full length audio course called ‘Everything About eBooks‘!  This is a resource I created for Solo Masterminds members – so I am only going to make it available for a few days.

Creating an eBook doesn’t have to be hard, this course proves it.  I go beyond the creation process though, into getting it set up to give away or sell too.

Go grab it right here – fast! (No strings attached – not even an email opt in.)


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    Yay for the win. I too find that if I procrastinate too much I should move on or re-evaluate my ‘list’. Sorry to see Thursday coaching go but knowing you there will be some awesomeness to take its place.

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    love hearing about what you are doing..hope your knee is better. Appreciate the “All about e-book” download, came at a great time-have authors who want to know how to market their e-boks.

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    It was great meeting you at NAMS after following your work for sometime and being in one of your membership programs. Congratulations on your big Win!
    Thank you for gifting us with the tutorial and hope your knee continues to improve.

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    Congratulations on your NAMS win!
    Of course, it is the feeling of gratification that urges us to give more — but, Kelly, you are always so helping and generous, that this giveaway is… well, just you!
    Sorry to hear Coaching Thursdays are over. I’ve had the chance of being brought back to focus on a couple of issues, and I can say first hand you’re a great coach.
    Trying to build up a blog, promote it and at the same time keep up with work and family has been a little crazy lately — nevertheless, I’ll be happy to tell the world about Solo Masterminds and Amazing Kelly… as soon as I figure out how exactly to fit it in my overall plan.
    Be well.

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    That really is a gift Kelly. Thanks! One of these days NAMS is on the list. In the meantime and at the same time I was doing 4 days of World Internet Summit in Melbourne. I tell ya, it’s got me focussed way more AND they gave some great info about Ebooks. Definitely the way to go. I can’t dig in just yet, but I’ve got it all staring at me on the desktop. Take care.

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