Win. Fail. Give. May 4, 2012

Evaluation time here at Solo Smarts.  It has been more than two months since the last Win. Fail. Give. so I have a lot to share.

The Wins:

It’s been an awesome couple of months in my business. I have busied myself applying the ideas and strategies picked up at the NAMS event in February and am pleased to report that it’s paying off nicely.

I’ve released two new products, 42 Day Launch Incubator (refreshed and expanded) & Smart Podcasting Skills (brand new).

Working knee deep in a new product is challenging, especially when I released both products before they’re even finished.  Talk about being held accountable – when someone has paid for the product they sorta expect that lessons will be forthcoming! One nice part of launching before the product is complete is being able to build in content based on student questions.  I like knowing that I’m delivering exactly what they need.

Last week I had the chance to talk about podcasting over at MyNams for their Wednesday night webinar.  That was a terrific experience and yielded a lot of orders for the new course.

Over the last few weeks I penned a 4000+ word chapter for a book project Ellen Britt invited me to participate in.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

In April I participated in a coaching program with Paul Evans and Carrie Wilkerson – that was an eye opening experience.  I’m calling this a Win but it revealed a couple of Fails in my business LOL! It isn’t often that I invest in coaching and I’m very glad I did.

On a non-business front, I’m in my third month on a low carb lifestyle and am now the proud member of two gyms. I’ve been getting in at least 250 minutes of cardio each week!  I feel fantastic and it has had an impact on my work.  I’m full of energy, creativity and determination.  Nice side effects to have.

The Fail:

The big fail for me has been being too slow to admit I need to charge more for my One on One coaching time.  When I released 42 Day Launch Incubator I offered some One on One coaching packages and got booked up really fast.  I realized straight away that I hadn’t priced my time appropriately at all.  I don’t regret the time I spent working with those clients, I had a great time.

Pricing is a stumbling block for most of us.  We bring so much baggage to the situation whether it’s a poverty mindset or a lack of self confidence.  For me, I don’t think they were at fault, it was more that I was trying to ‘provide value’ for the investment and clearly undervaluing my time.  After a stern review from Paul & Carrie I sucked it up and bumped up my coaching prices.

The good news?  It wasn’t even a day or two later that I had a new client sign up under the new price.

The Give:

10 Day May Madness starts tomorrow and I am at work right now on a fantastic freebie for all who register.  (It’s an audio and detailed checklist that could help you make some much needed extra cash!)  Go get signed up!

A call for Guest Bloggers:  I would love to have you submit your Win. Fail. Give.  Share what’s worked, what’s flopped and offer up something sweet for our readers.  Get in touch!

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