Win. Fail. Give. October 28, 2011

Today marks the end of a couple of blisteringly busy weeks – I have been talking non-stop it seems and I’m ready to take a break from it for a few days.

Before I go dark, here’s my Win. Fail. Give for this week:

This Week’s Win: What makes me feel like a Super Hero this week?  My free coaching group brought out the best in a lot of people.  Good reports were brought back as they went out and put ideas into action.

A big Win to report on is that I finally re-launched Smart Blogging Skills!  After a few weeks of procrastination and a touch of overwhelm, it is finally out there.

Another Win for me this week is that I’ve starting putting together notes for a book.  (Thanks to my guest, Stephanie Chandler, for inspiring me.)

This Week’s Fail: My Super Dud moment of the week was realizing I’d sent out an email to 1000+ affiliates with a bad link in it.  Argh!  Check and double check your email broadcasts Kelly!

This Week’s Give: This week I’m going to Give props to a solopreneur who impresses me more and more as time goes by.

Crissy Herron of Indie Biz Chicks is a creative gal with the heart of a rebel.  I love the brand she has created and her determination to do things authentically.  With product names like ‘How to Give Good Blog’, you know she’s got sass.  Check out her site and give her a like on Facebook.

What about you? What’s your Win. Fail. Give?


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    Ok, Ok.. I will share my “Fail”.

    2 of my sites were hit hard by The Google Panda update and my Adsense income took a serious nose dive. Serious as in a 50% nose dive :(. I’ve grown so comfortable with what used to be a fairly large and steady Adsense income monthly and when I got the slap it really stopped me in my tracks! I realize that I need to be sure to spread my eggs around more and not keep them all in one basket or .. heck get a bigger basket at least. It was a wake up call to continue to put my ALL into every facet of my business for cases just like this.

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    My win for the week is that I got a new tech. support client that I am hoping will turn into a long term relationship.

    My fail for the week is that I spent way too much trying to decide what to do about Facebook and my business/personal profile and then still not making any progress. I’m being too wishy washy. I need to just make a decision and go with it.

    My give for the week is that I agreed to help a church that found me through Faithful Bloggers to get their website put up for free.

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    Aurelia – I would LOVE a bigger basket for my adsense income too!

    Courtney – I dropped business discussion from my personal profile and use a business page for that now – best decision I’ve made on Facebook by far. Sadly, I gave up 400 ‘friends’ in the process…

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